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Speedo Aquatic Fitness Barbells
Speedo Aqua Fitness Barbells

The Speedo Aquatic Fitness Barbells provide users with a low impact way to strength train the arms, back, chest and core. The Speedo Aquatic Fitness Barbells are an ideal set of hand buoys for water exercisers looking for an easy way to add upper body strength training at low impact levels. Their rounded foam design resists water entry with every movement, providing users with an engaging, manageable resistance level.

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TYR Aquatic Resistance Plane
TYR Aquatic Resistance Plane

Made from soft and durable EVA foam, the TYR Aquatic Resistance Planes are one-of-a-kind upper body resistance devices designed for aerobics participants and aquatic rehab patients. Similar in function to a hand buoy, the Aquatic Resistance Planes by TYR are highly buoyant (think of a kickboard's level of buoyancy) and offer incredible resistance to the user.

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Speedo Aqua Fit 360 System
Speedo Speedo Aqua Fit 360 System CharcoalRed

The Speedo Aqua Fit 360 System is comprised of adjustable aquatic dumbbells that give users a customizable workout. Designed to give users a full body, 360-degree workout, the Speedo Aqua Fit 360 System uniquely combines strength training and cardio conditioning to help you achieve all your fitness goals in the water. The devices allow you to get fit and sculpt muscle like never before!

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Speedo Power Buoys
Speedo Power Buoys

Utilizing interchangeable components to offer a highly varied workout, the Speedo Power Buoys are ideal for water exercisers of all ages and abilities. Thanks to water's natural resistance properties, aquatic exercise promotes strength gains, weight management, muscle endurance, and increased range of motion. These hand buoys also reduce joint strain and are suitable for both rehabilitation and cross-training. Adjusting the Power Buoys to meet your needs is simple.

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AquaJogger ActiveBells
AquaJogger Active Bells

Designed by AquaJogger, these EVA foam dumbbells are the perfect workout partner for those just getting started, rehab patients, and older folks. About 30% smaller than the AquaJogger Delta Bells, the Active Bells feature the same triangular shape and padded grip. And, you'll be able to toss your bells on the deck without fear of them rolling away. The flat-edge design not only keeps bells from rolling, but also makes for a variable resistance level with a turn of the wrist.

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AquaJogger AquaFit Barbells
AquaJogger Aquafit Water Exercise Hand Buoys

The AquaJogger AquaFit Bells provide users with an effective and adequate amount of buoyancy and resistance. The bells are great in shallow water, where they actively work against the water to help tone and shape upper body muscle. Depending on how and where you use the hand buoys, they adapt to your skill and strength level with ease. But if you're looking for a way to crank your water workout into high gear, try using the similarly designed AquaJogger AquaFit Pro Barbells.

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AquaJogger AquaFit Pro Barbells
AquaJogger AquaFit Pro Water Exercise Hand Buoys

The AquaJogger AquaFit Pro Barbells are designed to give you a water workout like never before. They feature twice the amount of resistance than standard AquaJogger AquaFit Bells and are suited for swimmers who are already comfortable with their standard workout routine. The thick, durable foam placed on both ends of the barbell constantly works against the water to help engage upper body muscles and add load-bearing exercises to your water routine.

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AquaJogger Delta Bells
AquaJogger Delta Bells Water Resistance Hand Buoys

The AquaJogger Delta Bells are a uniquely-designed set of mid-level hand buoys that feature a unique design to help you get the most out of each and every workout. Instead of going with the standard rounded foam design, AquaJogger decided to think outside the box and came up with the Delta Bells. These unique aquatic barbells feature triangular shaped foam. Their design allows them to work great for both beginner and advanced water aerobics exercisers.

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AquaJogger Delta Bells Pro
AquaJogger Delta Bells Pro Water Resistance Hand Buoys

Take your water workout to the another level with the help of the high-intensity AquaJogger Delta Bells Pro. The AquaJogger Delta Bells Pro offer some of the highest levels of upper body resistance around. Their large, triangular, buoyant ends were designed for upper body strength training, as well as flotation support. These hand buoys are ideal for water aerobics exercisers who are already comfortable with their current routine.

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Aqua Sphere Ergo Bells
Aqua Sphere Aqua Sphere Ergo Bells

The Aqua Sphere ErgoBells are like no other hand buoys that you’ve seen or used before. Designed to give you a versatile upper body workout with varying degrees of resistance, the ErgoBells really are one-of-a-kind. One of the first things you’re sure to notice about the Aqua Sphere ErgoBells is their unique, one-of-a-kind shape. Unlike traditional hand buoys, which often mimic the shape of a dry land dumbbell, the ErgoBells are quite different.

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Hydro-Fit Hand Buoys
Hydro-Fit Water Resistance Hand Buoys

Hydro-Fit Hand Buoys are an aquatic dumbbell designed to increase arm resistance and intensify your workout. Sold in pairs, the Hydro-Fit Hand Buoy uses premium quality Ethafoam's flotation properties and a distinct dumbbell shape to create drag, increase water resistance and create a challenging upper-body workout. When submerged, they feel and act like weighted barbells underwater, except you must resist buoyant force pulling up instead of dragging down.

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Water Gear Aquaflex Paddles
Water Gear Aquaflex Water Resistance Paddles

The Water Gear Aquaflex Paddles are adjustable water fans that can add variable upper body resistance to your aquatic workout. They are great for aqua aerobics and muscle specific arm exercises. The Aquaflex Paddle's adjustable fan blades open and close to five adjustable levels of resistance, allowing more or less water to flow through the fan and varying the resistance the water fan produces.

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Water Gear Resistance Bells
Water Gear EVA Foam Water Exercise Resistance Bells

Designed to increase resistance and support upper body exercises while in the water, the Water Gear Resistance Bells are one of the easiest ways to add load-bearing training to your aqua aerobics routines. The unique material of the Water Gear dumbbells is exactly what makes them excellent weight training devices while in the water. The resisting "weight" of the bells against the buoyancy of the water creates drag and engages muscles throughout the arms, chest, abdominals, and back.

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Hydro-Tone Bells
Hydro-Tone Water Exercise Resistance Bells

Add a third dimension to your water work and see how quickly you can achieve your personal weight loss and resistance training goals. Hydro-Tone Hydro Bells are top of the line water workout devices relied on by elite athletes for cross training. When Olympic athletes, those that make their mark in the water or at the gym or track, want to do some serious cross training, they turn to the Hydro-Tone Hydro Bells to make their alternative workout happen.

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