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Hair Care for Swimmers

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About Hair Care for Swimmers

Think swimming is a trade-off between a killer bod and lovely hair? With our full line of after-swim hair care products, you really can have your cake and eat it too.


Trying to protect hair from chlorine? If you've got color-treated hair, give it a rinse with fresh water before swimming. This seals the cuticle with fresh water, blocking chlorinated water from entering the hair shaft. If you've got permed, straightened, or relaxed hair, you probably want to keep your hair as dry as possible to avoid styling costs. Try one of our bubble swim caps that do a better job sealing out water than any standard silicone cap. But remember, no cap guarantees a 100% dry result. If that's not enough, slick on some pre-swim conditioning gel to keep strands protected from chlorine damage while you swim.


The worst thing you can do for your hair is to let chemical residue sit on it. Chlorine, bromine, copper and other nasty pool chemicals make themselves right at home in your hair: turning it green, making it crunchy, dry, and split. Rinse hair as soon as you're done swimming. Try our swim shampoo and specially-formulated conditioners for soft, bouncy swimmer's hair.

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