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Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggle Replacement Straps
Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggle Replacement Strap

The Aqua Sphere Goggle clear silicone replacement strap fits all Kaiman Goggles, Kids Seal Mask, Seal XP Mask, and Vista Mask. Strap is 1/2" wide. Goggle strap only. Available in clear or black silicone. For Goggles, see our Swim Goggle Page.

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Aqua Sphere Seal Mask Replacement Strap
Aqua Sphere Seal Sphera Swim Mask Replacement Strap

Bring your old pair back to life with an Aqua Sphere Seal Mask Replacement Strap. Available in clear or black silicone, this strap is sturdy and unyielding to chlorine breakdown. Fits only Adult Seal Mask models. Includes end clips.

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Barracuda Goggle Replacement Strap
Barracuda Goggle Replacement Strap

This 1/2" rubber replacement goggle strap fits all Barracuda B300, Medalist and Standard goggle models. Replacement strap only. Clips not included.

100+ In Stock
1 Line G-Cords Bungee Strap
1Line Sports G-Cords Bungee Strap

G-Cord Bungees are a cost-effective and convenient goggle replacement strap. Available in a variety of vibrant colors, G-Cords fit any size, brand, and type of goggle that allows a replacement strap. Bungee cords are perfect for younger swimmers and those who want a way to quickly and securely fasten and unfasten their goggles. G-Cords are 4' long, longer than any other bungee strap currently in production, offering unparalleled comfort and adjustability.

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Lane 4 Replacement Goggle Strap
Finis Lane 4 Replacement Strap

This durable silicone goggle replacement strap features a double head-strap and an easy-to-adjust back clip. Measures 1/4" wide.

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Goggle Replacement Straps

Even the most reliable goggle head straps can wear with time. Between tugging and pulling, chlorine and salt water exposure, and sunlight damage, strap materials can breakdown well before you're done with your goggles. Thankfully, there are many different goggle replacement strap options from a wide variety of brands. These substitute straps can help increase your goggle's longevity and save you money in the long run.


AquaGear® carries several different swim brands' goggle replacement straps. These include replacement head straps that fit Barracuda brand goggles and Aqua Sphere goggles and masks. Also, there are 'universal' replacement straps that are able to fit nearly any goggle model. These bungee-cord style straps are popular with competitive swimmers because of their tight, yet reliable fit.

Silicone Straps

The most common type of head strap material used in modern goggle design is silicone. Because of its ability to stretch and high levels of comfort, silicone head straps are a reliable mask and goggle option. The material is highly flexible, yet has great shape memory to rebound back to its original size. Silicone straps are able to stretch to fit over a wide range of head sizes and do so comfortably. In addition to its resilience, the material won't snag or pull hair like more traditional rubber head straps are prone to do.

Universal Straps

If your favorite goggle brand doesn't offer a specific replacement head strap, then you'll probably want to choose a universal fitting strap. These types of head straps can conform to fit a wide variety of swim goggles. Look for straps that feature a thin diameter, one that can fit into any type of outboard holes on the goggle's frame. Straps that feature an adjustable clip or fastener are also a good option. Universal fitting replacement straps are affordable, dependable, and a great item to have on hand in case anything should happen to your goggle's original strap.

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