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Barracuda Goggle Case Barracuda
Swim Goggle Case
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Barracuda Goggle Case
Barracuda Swim Goggle Case

Barracuda's crush resistant goggle case is perfect for protecting your goggles from scratches, dings and warped foam. Three grommeted air holes allow eye wear to dry, while a high-strength zipper holds the case firmly shut. The Large case will accommodate any Barracuda goggle or mask model, while the Regular size is appropriate for most goggles, but will not hold a swim or snorkel mask.

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Goggle Cases

Repairing damaged goggles can be a costly affair. Once a pair is scratched or the foam is weakened, you'll either need to replace the lenses or the entire goggle. Instead of throwing money away every time you ding your goggles or mask, why not invest in a small, affordable device that can keep your eyewear safe and sound: A goggle case. Designed to fit all types of swim goggles and masks, goggle cases can help keep your eyewear protected while on the go.

Designed To Protect

The main purpose of a goggle case is to protect the goggles within. Usually made from tough, durable materials, these cases are able to withstand a good deal of pressure. Your goggles can be tossed into your gear bag without you having to worry about costly lens scratches. Goggle cases are ideal for child and teen swimmers, or anyone else who tends to be rough and tough on their eyewear.

Designed To Dry

While a case's solid exterior helps keep your lenses free of scratches, its aerated design helps dry goggles while on the go. When goggles and masks are stored wet in non-ventilated areas, their delicate gaskets can begin to deteriorate (and can even foster mold growth). To keep your goggles fitting as comfortably as possible, store them in an aerated goggle case that increases airflow and decreases dry time.

Designed For Travel

Goggle cases are ideal for swimmers on the go. They can easily sit at the bottom of your swim gear bag and still keep your goggles safely protected. Or, select a style that features a clip that can be attached to the side of your backpack or bag. This will help save precious cargo space in your gear bag for the bulkier items, and keep your goggles securely in tow. Divers will enjoy the larger case models, some of which are designed to easily fit swim and streamline snorkeling masks.

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