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Speedo Anti-Fog Goggle Solution
Speedo Anti-Fog Solution Drops

The clear choice for foggy goggles and masks, Speedo Anti-Fog Solution safely removes dirt, chemical residue, and water spots from the surface of goggle lenses. 2.5 fluid ounces.

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Aqua Sphere Goggle Anti-Fog
Aqua Sphere Goggle / Mask Anti-Fog

Although most modern goggles come with defogger, this coating wears off with exposure to pool water, sweat, and skin oils. Aqua Sphere Anti-Fog Solution prevents fogging of swim goggles and masks caused by a rise in body temperature. Use it to extend the life of the pre-applied anti-fog coating that comes standard on most goggles. Clean and dry your goggles thoroughly. Then add a drop of solution to the inner lenses of your goggle and use your finger to spread it on the lens.

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Barracuda Defogger
Barracuda Goggle / Mask DeFogger

Barracuda DeFogger is a laboratory tested, non-irritating solution balanced to the same PH as the human eye. Assures clear vision. Great for defogging goggles, glasses, scuba masks, and other eyewear. Apply Barracuda DeFogger to improve visibility when swimming.

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Goggle Anti-Fog

Even though many goggles come complete with a factory-applied anti-fog coating, it might not be enough to keep your eyesight crystal clear and fog free for longer duration swims. Instead of investing in another brand new pair of goggles, try de-fogging your old pair with an anti-fogging solution. It's a quick and easy way to upgrade your existing pair and further strengthen your goggle or mask's built in fog protection. Anti-fog solutions are great for any swimmer with a fog-prone pair of goggles or mask. They are especially useful for people who spend extended amounts of time in the water. This includes competitive swimmers, endurance fitness swimmers, snorkelers, or anyone else that needs a fog-free view.

Why Do Goggles Fog?

Goggles fog because the small amounts of water within the lenses, either from the outside water or your own perspiration, easily condensate. This condensation forms tiny droplets of water that cling to the lenses' inner surface. Because goggles don't have the ability to 'air out' underwater, once a pair of goggles has fogged up, there's nothing you can do except take the pair off and physically remove the trapped water. And any swimmer, recreational or competitive, knows just how annoying clearing fogged goggles mid-swim can truly be.

How Does an Anti-Fog Help?

An anti-fog solution contains chemicals that help prevent the build up of water and condensation within a goggle's lens. The agents are easy to use. Simply apply a few droplets to the inside of your lenses. Swish or rub the solution around to ensure that you have complete coverage. Quickly rinse out your goggles before wearing and you're ready for a fog-free swim! Keep in mind that while they are great at de-fogging goggles and masks, anti-fog solutions can also help keep glasses, camera lenses, and binoculars free of fog.

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