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HK AEA Professional Manual 6th Edition
Human Kinetics Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual 6th Edition

With new and expanded information, extensive updates, and the most current research and best practices, Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual, Sixth Edition, is sure to make waves by helping you design engaging programs to bring the benefits of aquatic fitness to a wide range of people. This all-in-one aquatic fitness reference is the definitive resource for those preparing for the AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional certification exam.

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Ruth Sova - Water Activities for FAB CLAMS
Ruth Sova Water Activities for FAB CLAMS.

Water Activities for FAB CLAMS by Ruth Sova and Sue Grosse is an Activity Guide for Aquatic professtionals including Swim Instructors, Coaches, Fitness Instructors and Therapists. Fun Agility Balance Coordination And Motor Skills

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Aquatics - The Complete Reference Guide
Ruth Sova Aquatics The Complete Reference Guide

The Complete Reference Guide for Aquatic Fitness Professionals. Covers all of the information needed by the aquatic professional to begin a safe, effective, and successful aquatic program. Programming ideas, safety, promotional, and marketing strategies. 1) Aquatic Exercise 2) Types of Aquatic Exercise 3) Benefits of Aquatic Exercise 4) Aqua Physics 5) Workout Intensity 6) Pool Environment and Safety 7) Water Ex.

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Ruth Sova Fit 'N Fun Water Exercises for Women
Ruth Sova Fit 'N Fun Water Exercises for Women

Ruth Sova's latest aquatic exercise book - Fit 'N Fun: Water Exercises For Women - is the perfect foundational guide to health and happiness through water exercise and aquatic therapy. Divided into sections for ease of use, the chapters cover a wide range of material, including posture, stretching, arthritis, aerobic exercises, and pregnancy fitness. The soft, spiral-bound book features over 250 pages of information, followed by a glossary of terms and index.

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The Ultimate Power of Resistance by Igor Burdenko
DMO The Ultimate Power of Resistance

The Ultimate Power of Resistance soft cover book by Igor Burdenko and Edmund Connors helps the every day person use some of the conditioning and performance secrets used by top professional athletes without spending a lot of time or money.

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Water Dance by Juliana Larson
DMO Water Dance Book

This woman-focused soft-cover book explores the mental, spiritual, and physical benefits of water exercise. Written by lecturer and certified water fitness instructor, Juliana Larson, this book touches on myriad topics including healthy-eating (recipes included), cross-training for athletes, exercises for healing and fitness, breathing and meditation, and female bonding. Appropriate for all ages and skill levels.

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Heal Your Hips by Lynda Huey and Robert Klapper, MD
DMO Heal Your Hips

Written by Robert Klapper, M.D. and the author of "The Complete Waterpower Workout Book", Lynda Huey, "Heal Your Hips" provides readers with a range of information on hip health and treatment options. A former runner and UCLA track coach, Lynda Huey knows joint pain intimately. Along with orthopedic surgeon Robert Klapper, this book is the perfect starting point for anyone suffering from hip disorders or needing hip surgery.

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Aquatic Exercise Therapy by Andrea Bates and Norm Hanson
DMO Aquatic Exercise Therapy

Written by physical therapists, Andrea Bates and Norm Hanson, "Aquatic Exercise Therapy" outlines water-based therapy and pinpoints practical exercises for individual readers. What is Aquatic Exercise Therapy?

1 In Stock
Anatomy Coloring Workbook
DMO Anatomy Coloring Workbook by Princeton Review

Anatomy Coloring Workbook by The Princeton Review. Effective and fun way to learn anatomy.

1 In Stock
Idyll Arbor - Aquatic Therapy Interventions and Applications
Idyll Arbor Aquatic Therapy Interventions and Applications Book

Idyll Arbor's Aquatic Therapy Interventions and Applications internationally acclaimed therapist and instructor, Luis Vargas, describes his treatment methodology, the Diagnostic Aquatics Systems Integration ( DASI), from assessment through treatment.

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Aquatics for Children with Challenges by Susan J Grosse
Ruth Sova Aquatics for Children with Challenges by Susan J Grosse

Written by Susan J. Grosse - the current president of Aquatic Consulting & Education Resources - "Aquatics For Children With Challenges" is a great tool for instructors, parents, and therapists working with children suffering from myriad physical and mental challenges. Currently utilized by swim schools nationwide and USA Swimming's "Make a Splash" pools, this book assists aquatic professionals in planning appropriate activities for their young clients.

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The Unpredictable Command Technique by David Ogden
DMO Unpredictable Command Technique

"The Unpredictable Command Technique in the Aquatic Environment" by David Ogden, P.T

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