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Finis Wave Mono Swim Fin

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This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

Finis Wave Youth

Manufactured by Finis, the Wave Monofin is a single blade fin designed for youth swim training and recreational swimming. The Wave Monofin is designed to provide added resistance for strength training, and also teaches the undulation needed for a proper dolphin kick. While not for snorkeling or scuba diving, this one-size-fits-most fin is safe to use in the pool, lake, or ocean.

Designed for Total Body Training

The Wave Monofin's blade design promotes generation of motion and energy through the core and torso; in fact, dolphin kicking activates 60% of your muscle mass, including the lower body as well as the core. The Wave Monofin's large surface area naturally equates to added resistance, which results in effective strength conditioning for beginning competitive swimmers or those looking to improve speed, strength and stamina in their flutter and dolphin kick.

Blade Design

Finis added built in stability ridges to promote proper blade flexion, which are strategically placed allowing the Wave Monofin to channel water and prevent any added torque on the ankle and knee joints. These stabilization channels force the fin to flex in an optimum wave motion.


The Wave Monofin features open, flexible foot pockets molded from marine grade rubber, which forms a snug, molded fit after around 30 days of use. Because the rubber foot pockets of the Finis Wave Monofin stretch over time, you may consider buying smaller than your normal size.

Grip pads on the bottom of the Finis Wave Monofin help prevent them from slipping on pool bottoms or other slick surfaces.

The Finis Wave Monofin is adjustable and available in a one-size-fits-most, and will fit a child's US shoe size 1 through 7. Keep in mind that this is a youth monofin and, although it may accommodate smaller-footed adults, the Foil Monofin is ideal for larger adult foot sizes.

All Wave Monofin fins are adjustable with a single strap that threads through the center buckle and hooks near the outer edge of each foot. These straps are quick-release for added safety and easy adjustment.

Product dimensions: 21 x 18 x 3 (L x W x H)

If the elements get the better of your Wave Monofin's strap, a Finis Wave Replacement Strap will have you back in the water in no time. Don't forget your Finis Skin Socks for an even more comfortable swimming experience.

If you like the Finis Wave Monofin, don't forget to also check out the Finis Foil Monofin, made of all natural rubber and fit for a wider range of foot sizes. Shopping for children? Check out the Finis Mermaid, the little girls' version of the Wave Monofin ideal for children 12 and under.

The AquaGear Opinion

Because this is a single blade fin, the Finis Wave Monofin is somewhat difficult to put on; requiring a place to sit down inside your pool. The sizing is limited. These foot pockets are not designed for large feet, and best for youths or people with smaller feet. That said, the rubber foot pockets are very comfortable.

The hook-on strap allows for really simple adjustment and removal of the Wave Monofin. The fin fits better in water than on land. The Finis Wave Monofin's design seems to target and workout the core more than the legs. If you do not plan to use the Monofin on a regular basis, order the next size up.

The Bottom Line

Backed by a signature of approval from Olympic gold medalist and Finis founder, Pablo Morales, the Finis Wave Monofin is a unique training aid that will build strength and make you a more confident swimmer. Grab your Finis Wave Monofin and add some real power to your kick.

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