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Finis Fishtail Fins

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This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

Fishtail Fins

The Finis Fishtail Fins are perfectly sized for the little swimmer in your family. Made from 100% natural rubber, the fins are gentle enough on kids' skin and durable enough to withstand whatever they're put through.

Invaluable Learning Tool

One of the most important things that the Finis Fishtail Fins do for child swimmers is increase their confidence while in the water. This is especially important for young, new or apprehensive swimmers. Their unique fishtail shape, paired with highly durable composition, allows them to produce forward propulsion with the slightest of movement. So any kind of kick or kick-like motion will help your child slice through the water with ease. Plus, their design can even help eliminate bicycle kicking, which is a common problem among new swimmers.

The swim fins are neutrally buoyant and will not hinder or influence a child's natural body position. Children, especially those just learning to swim, find it easier to use zero buoyancy training tools than other types of buoyant gear. These kid fins are accelerated learning tools that can help any junior swimmer feel more comfortable in the water and help build his or her confidence in the water. And since the Fishtails will allow your mini-swimmer to explore the water as he or she pleases, be sure to get your child a pair of comfortable and leak-proof goggles to keep their eyes protected while underwater. The Finis Jelly's Toddler goggles are designed to fit the specific shape of young swimmers and feature cute color combinations.

Ultimate Comfort

The Finis fins are made from 100% natural rubber. The material is not only highly durable, but also soft enough to give even the smallest of swimmers a comfortable fit. Over time, the flexible foot pockets shape and mold to the curves of a child's foot, which gives him or her a custom feel. The fins also feature adjustable heel snaps that not only ensures a snug, budge-free fit, but also the option of adjusting the size of the fin as your child grows.

The Fishtails are available in two sizes. There are the Baby Fins for children 3 months to 3 years old. And there are the Junior fins, which are perfect for swimmers 4 to 7 years old. The Fishtail model is great for swimmers just beginning to learn the basics, but for a more advanced child swimmer, try the Finis Zoomers Z2 Fins. Their short-blade design is made for junior swimmers with a need for speed. Or, for something a little more basic, try the Finis Kid Finz. These no-nonsense rubber fins, complete with heel strap, are a great beginner fin for children as well.

The AquaGear Opinion

AquaGear gathered up some pint-sized testers to give the Finis Fishtail Fins a go in the pool. Both the children and adults liked the large grommet snaps, which helped to ensure a snug and secure fit. The fins' stiff rubber blades were also noted for their high quality and durability. The soft rubber foot pockets formed to the child's foot after a bit of use. This feature made the Fishtail Fins one of the most comfortable and snug fits available to your child.

The Bottom Line

The Finis Fishtails Fins are the ultimate training tool to have on hand if your child is just learning the basics of swimming.

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