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Finis Alignment Kickboard

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This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

Alignment Kickboard

The Finis Alignment Kickboard enhances aquatic workouts by helping swimmer's maintain optimum body alignment and lengthen their body position during streamline, underwater and side kicking drills.

Promotes Alignment and Relieves Tension

The Finis Alignment Kickboard is a hydrodynamic foam board with a stabilizing hand strap for security. By incorporating the hand strap and using it in conjunction with the 3 ridges underneath the board that channel water catamaran-style, swimmers can control the board without gripping; this creates a perfect alignment from the finger tips to the toes and relieves unnecessary tension in the hands, arms, shoulders and neck.

Versatile Design for Use in All Strokes

The Alignment Kickboard works with all swimming strokes, and is also great for single arm drills.

The Alignment Kickboard creates a perfect streamline in the water. Its hydrodynamic design reduces drag, and by aligning and lengthening your body drag is reduced still further. The Alignment Kickboard sits just a few inches below the water line, so swimmers can lengthen their body without kicking at an incline.


A high density material creates perfect balance and buoyancy. Ergonomic grip pads promote better handling and a more comfortable grip, while the Alignment Kickboard's short design puts less pressure on the shoulders as compared to standard kickboards.

Each Alignment Kickboard is made of a sturdy foam material coated for durability and resistance to the damaging effects of chlorine.

The Finis Alignment Kickboard is extremely lightweight, weighing only 3.1 ounces. Its lightweight structure and compact frame make for easy packing travel.

Measurements in Inches

For additional technique improvement, consider the Finis Center Mount Swimmer's Snorkel, which eliminates the need to come up for air and allows you to concentrate on head alignment and improving your stroke. Intensify your Alignment Kickboard workout; further engage the leg and core muscles with the Finis Z2 Swim fins.

If you liked the Finis Alignment Kickboard, you might also like the Aqua Sphere Fitness Kickboard, a hydrodynamic low-profile kickboard made of high density closed-cell foam. Or you can check out the Speedo Pull Kick, a compact, lightweight pull buoy and kickboard all-in-one for a great leg workout.

The AquaGear Opinion

Finis spared no expense with fabric-covered foam that feels softer than foam boards. The Alignment Kickboard really does align the body perfectly, but this is not an uncomfortable feeling. The straps on the kickboard are durable and anchor all the way through the board. The Finis Alignment Kickboard is smaller than a standard board, but this streamlined shape gives it all of its unique benefits.

The Bottom Line

The Finis Alignment Kickboard is a great training tool for building muscle memory of optimum body alignment, and then transferring that to your unaided stroke. Get your Alignment Kickboard on AquaGear.com and start streamlining your stroke today!

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