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Doc's Ear Plugs

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Doc's Pro Plugs

Billed as "The ultimate ear protection for all ages", Doc's Proplugs are a product that actually lives up to its hype. These earplugs are so effective that they are even doctor recommended. Their prototype was actually designed by a physician and surfing enthusiast back in 1977.

Avoid Swimmer's Ear Altogether

If you or your child has ever suffered from swimmer's ear, you are well aware of how annoying and painful the bothersome infection can be. Swimmer's ear occurs when water enters the external ear and cannot dry properly. Even clean swimming pool water can harbor microscopic bacteria, and this bacteria thrives in the dark and damp environment that wet ears produce. While a single swimmer's ear infection is typically innocuous, chronic infections can thicken the inside of the ear and cause the canal to narrow. If left untreated, this can eventually lead to hearing loss. To avoid the infection all together, use Doc's Proplugs to help keep any and all water out. For truly chronic swimmer's ear infections, pair a set of the earplugs with additional protection. Aqua Earbands, which help to further block water from entering the ear canal, and Mack's Dry-N-Clear drops, which help relieve the discomfort of water-clogged ears, are great additions to your ear protection collection.

Ideal for Swimming, Diving, Surfing, Snorkeling

The Proplugs can easily go with you to the pool, beach, lake and anywhere in between. They help prevent surfer's ear, swimmer's ear, and ruptured eardrums. One of the best things about the Doc's earplugs is that they are available in both vented and non-vented styles. Vented earplugs serve to release pressure from the head, allowing divers to properly equalize. Any diver knows how frustrating it can be to get ears to clear when submerging. The plugs unique design makes equalizing as easy and pain-free as possible.

How to select a Vented or Non-Vented Proplug

The color of the Proplug is indicative of the the venting. Vented Proplugs are available in Red and Clear and Non-Vented Proplugs are available in the Blue and Pink.

No fuss or muss!

One of the best things about Doc's is that there is no messy sticky putty to potentially get lost in the ear canal. These one-piece plugs are different from the other earplugs on the market. Unlike silicone designs, Doc's Proplugs will not irritate the ear canal or disrupt the natural earwax production. Earwax is vital for your body to produce and helps keep foreign microorganisms at bay. Because they are so easy to use, your entire family will love using Doc's. Pick up a Doc's Proplugs Combo Pack that includes 4 pairs of Proplugs. Combo pack sizes are Child (Tiny, X-small, M-small and Small sizes), Youth (M-small, Small, Medium, and Large sizes), and Adult (Small, Medium, Large and X-large sizes). If you are already familiar with Mack's AquaBlock Earplugs, then you will really love Doc's. Mack's pre-molded flanged silicone earplugs are also doctor recommended to help seal water out, although Doc's keep the ear canal as healthy and unobstructed as possible.


8 Sizes: Tiny, XS, Medium Small, Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL

Sizing Chart

The AquaGear Opinion

Although the sizing process may be a bit time-consuming, you will not be sorry once you have achieved the perfect fit. When sized appropriately, Doc's Pro Plugs ensure a long-wearing, comfortable fit. Make sure the plugs are seated correctly before diving in or performing flip-turns and they will not let you down.

The Bottom Line

If you need a little extra ear protection during swim season, or dream of going to the pool without coming back with a case of swimmer's ear, then Doc's Proplugs are a must. Pick up a pair today and see how healthy and happy your ears can stay no matter what water sports you're into.

Product Reviews

This item is rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 17 reviews. Already own one? Write a Review!
Just okay
Written by on March 19th

I really appreciated the fit guide which worked well for sizing with a partner to help. These sort of keep the water from filling my ears, but do not keep all water out. I wear a cap that fits over the ears, which I'm pretty sure is the only reason they don't float out of my ears. I'm going to try some other options.

Written by on April 10th

They are comfortable - occasionally a little water will seep in but I have not had any issues so far.

docs ear plugs review
Written by on July 9th

works great ... only a little water is able to get in , but I suspect that is from me not putting them in correctly... because its only sometimes that water gets in.. all in all ... great product... been using them for a few weeks .. and no problems with my ears....

Ear Plugs
Written by on February 4th

Very pleased with the product, ship time and CUSTOMER SERVICE PROFESSIONALISM! Thank you for being there when I needed these ear plugs.

Thrilled to have for my daughter
Written by on March 27th

Super pick (red)

Ear Plugs
Written by on May 28th

Great fit. Being used in the shower to eliminate water being trapped within inner ear. Outstanding results.

Perfect fit
Written by on June 18th

I got these becaue I am not supposed to get my ears wet. Every other pair I have tried were too small and allowed water to enter my ear. These had several actual sizes to choose one and I finally have a pair that does what they are supposed to. Excellent ear plugs!

Great earplugs
Written by on August 6th

My child has had tubes in his ears and complains when water gets in his ears but with these earplugs no water and no complaints and they fit great.

Great product
Written by on October 9th

Great product, works well and keeps the water out.

Keeps ear drum dry
Written by on August 25th

The little protrusion fits gently into your ear canal and the rest sits outside. I have a perforated ear drum and tried many ear plugs to find one that kept water out and was comfortable. These are my favorites. They come in different sizes, so be sure you get the right one. If not, Aquagear customer service is really good with returns.

Product feedback
Written by on September 16th

Nice job keeping water out of my ear canals

Written by on November 18th

These ear plugs are perfect. I use when showering and swimming or when getting my hair done. Great fit and comfortable

Exactly what I wanted
Written by on June 16th

These are the same ear plugs I got from the ENT, work perfect!

Top of the Line
Written by on August 18th

Pushing silicone blobs into my ears was not cutting it. Doc's vented ear plugs fit right and are great for diving. When you are ready to try a professional ear plug, Doc's is the only way to go. They go in easily and remain in place. Doc's use for life.

Written by on August 28th

They stopped the water completely from getting in my ears. They are comfortable to wear, they fit good, and i just love them, Thank you.

Lov it
Written by on October 27th

Since I've first heard and bought a few pairs some years back, they are the best. Easy and simple to work with.

They keep water out
Written by on December 1st

I’ve tried several brands of earplugs but these are the best. I have to keep water away from my eardrum and I’ve found these to be the most effective, combined with my swim cap. I’ve reordered a couple times.

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