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DMC Original Training Fins

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This item cannot be purchased at this time. This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations. This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations. You've requested 1 of this item, but the per-order limit is 1 . You've requested 1 of this item, but we only have 1 in stock and this item cannot be back-ordered. You've requested 1 of this item, but the per-order minimum is 1 . You've requested 1 of this item, but this item must be purchased in multiples of 1 . You've requested 1 of this item, but we only have 1 in stock. This item cannot be back-ordered. Please select a quantity that is less than or equal to the quantity in stock. We expect the item(s) to ship on November 30, -0001 , but the ship date is not guaranteed. The typical lead time is 7 - 14 days, but the ship date is not guaranteed.

Original Training Fins

Progress as a swimmer, strengthen your quads & hamstrings, and increase ankle flexibility with the simple and effective DMC Original Training Fins.

Strength and Balance

Long used by world-renowned swimmers to improve their skills, DMC fins are beneficial in building lean muscle and assisting with kicking sets. Professional and novice swimmers alike find that using training fins during their workout adds appropriate length to the leg to challenge their core and hip flexors, while providing speed practice as well.

Quad Power

Looking to build up your leg muscles? The Original Training Fins will help you harness water's resistive power with each flutter or dolphin kick without overly exerting yourself. With each up- and down-kick, the fins V-shaped channels displace water smoothly and evenly while providing the legs with an excellent workout. This shorter bladed fin brings the center of effort back to the foot. The V channel edge and greater blade width increases the water surface area and resistance lost with a shorter fin keeping the center of effort close to the foot and provides even thrust in both directions. Using the proper fins can also loosen stiff ankles and provide lift, which angles the head downward into an ideal streamline position.

Soft Rubber

DMC Fins are made of a soft silicone compound that molds to the foot, but maintains shape when not in use. The fins flexibility also allows for a comfortable fit with no squeezing, pinching, or tightness. Unlike some fins which chafe the ankles, there is no need to lubricate the foot or don a fin sock prior to putting on the DMC Original Training Fins.

The AquaGear Opinion

According to AquaGear testers, the DMC Original Training Fins corrected prior imbalances in their kicks and strengthened their leg muscles without adding leg or ankle strain, as a longer blade would. Most testers agreed that the fit was true-to-size and that the pliable silicone material ensured no excessive rubbing, chafing, or blisters. Our testers also commented that the fins are well-made, long-lasting, and comfortable to the touch. No break-in period was required; These fins were ready to go out of the package. Testers also reported that the compact size of the fins made them easy to slip in to their gear bag.

The Bottom Line

If you're looking to improve your swim time and build a more powerful kick, training fins can assist you in reaching your goals. When used appropriately during full body workouts, DMC Fins add resistance and promote a more balanced body position and a strong core, which greatly increases overall performance and helps you improve as a swimmer. If you've been unhappy with the performance of other swim fins try DMC Original Training Fins today.

XXXS 11-1 (Junior) 31
XXS 2-3 34
XS 4-5 37
Small 6-7 39
Medium Small 7-8 41
Medium 8-9 42
Medium Large 9-10 43
Large 10-11 44
XL 12-13 46.5

Please note: Sizing runs slightly big

Product Reviews

This item is rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 31 reviews. Already own one? Write a Review!
finned out
Written by on December 4th

These fins look great but they don't match up to my pair of Finis. I believe it is an issue of strap (DMC) vs. total heel enclosure offered on the Finis. I found my right foot in particular slipping with the DMC during my kick and it did not feel very stable. The fins look great and the shipping/service when ordering was excellent. I am thinking of trying an aqua sock to possibly provide the stability I need. A smaller size would be too tight

I like these
Written by on October 15th

They are flexible and light. They give my legs a good workout!

DMC Original Training Fins
Written by on October 30th

Outstanding! The folks at Aquagear are a pleasure to do business with - an A1 operation!

Great for training.
Written by on October 31st

Superb quality. Great service. Thank you.!

DMC Training Fins
Written by on May 28th

Great, personalized service and excellent product! Was happy to see the Hydro fins available again, re-issued and re-named DMC fins. They're the best, and I love the neon green color! Thanks, Stella

Great fins for a workout
Written by on June 6th

These fins are fun and easy to use! They really work your legs during a swim workout, but they are great fun to use. I wish my feet were invisibly shaped like these fins for competition.

My favorite flippers
Written by on June 10th

Soft and. comfortable. I use these every time I workout. Just bought my second pair.

Written by on June 17th

Great product, a bit heavier than regular fins but allows to have a good workout

DMC Original Training Fins
Written by on August 12th

Again product is exactly what you expect from Aqua gear. Made of soft silicone will conform to your foot no restrictions. i swim weekly so these are getting a lot of use. these are certainly the most comfortable fins i have used in pool. I can only recommend, you will not be sorry. Let's get wet....

Best training fins
Written by on November 5th

great fit, comfortable, easy to pack/carry, great value

Great, solid fin
Written by on November 11th

It's a light durable fin. Low-medium strain for kicking free and back dolphin. If you want a more aggressive fin, pick a different one. This fin is comfortable and great for all around kicking/swimming.

Great fin.
Written by on December 9th

Great fin. Medium light kicking.

Almost perfect
Written by on February 24th

These are very nice, but they are a little wide for my normal size feet.

Great Training fins
Written by on May 5th

My swim coach said that the DMC trainers were the fins to get and he was right. I am in a pool full of swimmers and almost all of us wear the DMC. The fins have really helped in improving our kick.

Great. Fins
Written by on May 8th

I was so thrilled to find these fins again, I swim every day and like these better than any others I have purchased over the years. Great customer service.

Written by on May 26th

The nicest people. Was looking everywhere for these fins. So happy

Great fins
Written by on June 2nd

I use these fins for kick drills during my masters' swimming workouts in the pool. They are extremely flexible, and provide a lot of thrust. I do not have flexible ankles, so I need a fin that is flexible. I also like that these are fairly short. Long fins put a strain on my lower back. These fins run a little on the large size, especially if you have a normal width foot. I wear a size 10 D US shoe/ 43 Euro. I ordered a ML size. The length is fine, but they are a little wide. I wear 1 mm fin socks, and they fit perfectly. It is best to call and speak to someone at Aquagear before ordering, to make sure you get the right size. The staff is very helpful, and very responsive.

DMC Fins
Written by on June 23rd

Great product and service. I received excellent technical support regarding proper fit prior to my purchase. Also, I appreciate the hand written thank you note on the paperwork inside the box the fins arrived in. I'm not sure if that is done at the direction of management or just something a packer decided to do on their own, but someone should be recognized and rewarded for that. It reminds me of a business book entitled Servicetopia (sp?). Thank You!

Best Training Fins Ever
Written by on August 11th

I have used my HYDRO TRAINING FINZ for the past 15 years and they were finally worn out. The Up-Graded replacement was these DMC Original Training Fins. I love these new fins. Even better than the originals. Lizzy from Customer Service was a great help in getting these fins out to me quickly. I have since recommended AquaGear and Lizzy to all my friends at the pool wanting these fins. I look forward to using them every day. They are GREAT. 5 Stars for sure.

Written by on September 25th

Love these fins! Super comfy, no blisters, help with form and strength, soft silicone, very happy with them, would buy another pair.

DMC Training Fins
Written by on October 13th

These fins are comfortable to wear and very effective in the water. It's hard to imagine swimming without them!

Great fins
Written by on November 10th

I love the fans and very pleased with the customer service that I received as I got two phone calls letting me know that they were back ordered and why and they got them out to me rather quickly as soon as they got delivered from the manufacture. Highly recommend

Written by on December 1st

I'm new to fins and they were fantastic at the get go. They are so soft and so easy to use. They have been very helpful in strengthening my legs and kick. Thank you!

Dmc fins
Written by on December 29th

Great workout,good fit,recommended

Kick feels more natural and works hamstrings
Written by on January 26th

Thanks to Melissa, I ordered the right size. I liked the fit and feel from the moment I put them on. They require more work than longer fins but the work is in hamstrings and glutes, just where I need it. First swim was tiring but I am happy to increase strength with a more natural kick.

DMC original training fins
Written by on February 9th

I had the Hydro original for years, which I loved. Was looking for something similar. DMC is made of silicon so has more flex than hydro but otherwise very similar. I wear women’s 11 and purchase M. Plenty big. Could probably even gone down one size. Loose in heel. Like the fin

Written by on February 9th

MY old fins were stolen! So, I had to get new fins. I looked all over the internet. The DMC fins looked good and had great reviews. I AM SO HAPPY WITH MY DMC FINS. They are better than I could have dreamed or asked for! Now I'm glad someone stole my old crummy fins!

DMC Original Training Fins
Written by on March 16th

Great fins. Very comfortable and perfect fit.

Great fins
Written by on March 30th

I ordered these fins as I just started swimming for exercise. They were recommended and I love them. The size - Small - I were a womens 8.5-9 was a perfect fit. I feel like I could swim forever with the fins. Very comfortable and easy to wear. I have the orange since that was in stock. If you are looking for a good training aid you found it here.

Best fins
Written by on May 4th

I have very "thick" feet, wide top to bottom with high arch. These fins are Great! I can swim a half mile with no rubbing and no Mark on top of my feet. I swim 2300 yards 6 days a week so being able to do kick work is fantastic. I've tried many many other short fins and these are by far the best

My first choice in a training fin
Written by on August 17th

Light weight and soft. Very effective for stroke drills! Good power boost for kick sets

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