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DMC Elite 2 Swim Fins

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This item cannot be purchased at this time. This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations. This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations. You've requested 1 of this item, but the per-order limit is 1 . You've requested 1 of this item, but we only have 1 in stock and this item cannot be back-ordered. You've requested 1 of this item, but the per-order minimum is 1 . You've requested 1 of this item, but this item must be purchased in multiples of 1 . This item is discontinued. We have a few left in stock, but won't be able to get more once they're gone. You've requested 1 of this item, but we only have 1 in stock. We expect the item(s) to ship on November 30, -0001 , but the ship date is not guaranteed. The typical lead time is 7 - 14 days, but the ship date is not guaranteed.

DMC Elite 2 Fins

Designed in Australia, the new, universal foot version of the DMC Elite fin, the DMC Elite 2 Training Fins include subtle design influences from all the DMC training fins to give this training fin the most exceptional and natural kick action for advanced swim athletes, including Olympians, triathletes, and body surfers worldwide and the beginning learn to swimmers.

Solid Silicone Construction

The Elite 2 Training Fins' durable silicone design is unyielding to chlorine and salt-water breakdown, making this fin a reliable training partner that will last for years. The soft silicone reduces abrasiveness, allowing you to swim harder, for longer with maximum comfort. Plus, the weight of the silicone keeps feet just under the surface, for ideal propulsion. The material is also UV- and tear-resistant.

Superior Balance & Propulsion

By swimming with fins, neuromuscular memory is solidified, leaving the wearer with a more effective kick, even after taking the fins off. The short-blade design of the fin provides ample resistance for training purposes, while still allowing for a quick kick tempo. The blade angle and length were designed to produce the least resistance to the kicking action, while the asymmetrical blade prevents catching the fins against one another while swimming. The "V" rails along the edges of the fin stabilize the blade and provide stiffness. And, each fin size features a unique blade-to-foot ratio for the perfect resistance level for every user.


Each pair of DMC Elite 2's has a universal foot pocket and has been designed to promote exceptional natural kick action. Please note these fins do not float.


These fins run a bit large, so consider ordering a size down from your normal shoe size, especially if you're on the cusp.

SIZEMen-USWomen-USEuropean Size

Please note: Sizing runs slightly big

Product Reviews

This item is rated 2 out of 5 stars based on 1 reviews. Already own one? Write a Review!
XL Too Roomy And No Propulsion
Written by on August 14th

I was fortunate to be in the position to compare a friend's XL-sized Elite Fin to the Elite 2 the day the Elite 2's arrived. I tested out the Elite first, and holy smokes I was flying through the water! Could really feel my legs working too, felt the soreness on the next day. Great fins! Then I put on the Elite 2 fins. No problem slipping them on, but when it came time to kick, these fins churned with no propulsion. There was extra room in the "shoe", about 1/2 to 3/4 inch, that would actually fold over my toes when trying to kick. Granted, I do have powerful legs, but I had zero issues with dolphin & freestyle kicking in the Elite fin. The feel of the Elite 2 fin could be described like having a mouth half-full of air & half-full of mouthwash then trying to swish it around. Also, the Elite 2 states it can be used for breaststroke/frog kicks. Due to the inefficient propulsion the Elite 2 fin did not perform noticeably better than breaststroke kicking w/o fins. That was disappointing since I made the purchase over the Elite fin because of this point. The Elite 2 fin is very flexible, while the Elite had the good firmness I was looking for in a training fin. Maybe Elite 2 runs big? I don't know. What I do know is the XL-size Elite fin is the right fin for me, not the XL-size Elite 2. For the record, I have size 13, D width, highly overpronating feet. From a durability standpoint, both fins appear exceptional in quality. The all-silicon fin for both models is incredibly soft & comfortable, yet also has that thick durable feeling that will last a long time, so long as you take care of your gear. At no point did I get that familiar feeling of my skin rubbing against that hard rubber used in lower price point fins. You definitely get your money's worth when it comes to quality. In my opinion, go with the Elite fin instead of the Elite 2 if you are looking for a top shelf training fin. I gave the Elite 2 fin a rating of 2 stars because the fin didn't do what it's supposed to do, and that is also not taking into consideration the high quality of the fin. On quality alone, easily 5 stars.

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