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DK Douglas Wet Cap

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DK Douglas Wet Cap

Fun, Alternative Swim Cap

The DK Douglas Wet Cap is a different kind of swim cap that can do a number of things for you while in the water. Unlike traditional caps made from rubber or silicone, the Wet Cap is made from soft, pliable Lycra blended with nylon. This ultra durable material is not only soft on the head, but is also a stretchy, strong fabric that’s comfortable to wear. In fact, the blend makes the fabric resistant to wrinkles for an always great look. The DK Douglas cap does a great job at retaining body heat while in chilly water. And it can also keep both short and long hair under control during aquatic activities. Plus, the blended fabric design is able to help shield the head and delicate scalp skin from excessive sunlight to avoid UV exposure and potential sunburns. The Wet Cap is ideal for recreational swimming, snorkeling, aquatic aerobics, water-skiing, or any outdoor water-based activity.

Snag-Free Design

Because this beanie-style aqua cap is made from such soft, pliable materials, the DK Douglas Wet Cap is a great, snag-free choice. Less pliable cap materials, such as rubber, can pull and snag at the sensitive hairs around the face and back of the neck. But the Lycra swim cap is able to provide scalp protection while remaining comfortable on the head and hair. The cap is simple to fit and won’t snag when putting on or taking off. For years, divers and surfers have trusted in the DK Douglas swim hat to help keep their heads comfortable, heated, and protected while in the water. If you happen to swim in even chillier waters, you might need a cap that’s able to provide a bit more insulation. The Barracuda Hot Head Neoprene Swim Cap is a great choice for open water, endurance, or even just recreational swimmers. It features a slightly thicker neoprene material to keep head and ears warm during an outdoor swim in any conditions.

Specs & Sizing

The DK Douglas swim cap is available in a few different color and size options. Choose from vibrant colors in Orchard, Royal Blue, Teal, or Black. And the Wet Cap is available in sizes ranging from small to extra large. To get a perfect fit, measure the circumference of your head just above the top of your ears. Small caps fit a head size of 18-20 inches, while a medium would work best for sizes 20-22 inches. Larger head circumferences, those ranging from 22-23 inches, would fit perfectly in a large cap. And the extra large option is great for head sizes of 23-24 inches.

To determine your size, measure the circumference of your head just above the top of your ears. Use the following chart:

WetCap Head Measurement Guide

Small 18-20 inches
Medium 20-22 inches
Large 22-23 inches
X-Large 23-24 inches

The AquaGear Opinion

The DK Douglas Wet Cap was a welcomed addition to the AquaGear pool. Since testers spend a good deal of time in the water and in the sun, they cap helped keep their delicate scalps warm and protected. Testers thought that the swim hat would be a great alternative to silicone or rubber caps, especially for those who are not swimming competitively. Its comfortable design didn’t snag or pull hair in the slightest, and was extremely easy to put on. Swimmers thought the DK Douglas cap would be great for any kind of outdoor, water-based activity. It would also do a good job protecting your head even if when you’re not in the water and just sitting by the pool or on the beach. AquaGear testers thought it important to note that this cap does not take a traditional drag-reducing form, but actually fits fairly loosely on the head. This is not a competition swim cap.

The Bottom Line

Keep your head and scalp comfortably protected from UV rays with the DK Douglas Wet Cap. Pick up your cap today!

Product Reviews

This item is rated 3 out of 5 stars based on 3 reviews. Already own one? Write a Review!
Updated Review Post Use
Written by on April 12th

I reviewed this once based upon my initial reaction when I first took the cap out of the package. Now that I've actually used it, I absolutely hate this product. As suspected, it runs VERY large. It is stated that it is meant for casual swimmers, not those looking for speed. I am a casual lap swimmer and participate in water aerobics. I purchased this cap as I wanted something to prevent sunburn. As noted, the product is not as pictured. Mine came with a ridiculous neoprene fish tail on it rather than the two loops for hanging it to dry. The cap is so loose that if I simply try to sit down under the water, the cap will float off, pulling off even from under the straps of my goggles. Using the tail to hold the cap flush to my head by tucking it under the back of the cap helps somewhat, which is the only reason I haven't cut it off. This would probably be an good product for what I was originally wanting if I'd bought it 2 sizes smaller and it didn't have that silly tail.

Not Necessarily As Pictured Runs VERY Large.
Written by on March 31st

In the picture, the black, blue, and teal caps appear to have two loops at the top which look to be for hanging the cap up. If you look at all the available colors, you'll notice the purple one is different. I got the teal cap in a "Large" and have two problems with it: 1) It runs large. When Aquagear says it "actually fits fairly loosely on the head" they mean it. I'm not a competitive swimmer by any means. I bought this to protect my head during water aerobics and casual laps, but I'm afraid that even the slightest movement through the water may pull it right off my head despite my head being at the top of the range for the size I purchased. 2) There is an utterly ridiculous neoprene fish tail dangling off the top of the cap, exactly like in the purple version. I'm a grown, adult woman. I don't need or want a whale tail flopping around on top of my head.

dk douglas wet cap
Written by on January 29th

it is as described: it fits over the largest heads with a lot of hair to pack in it {like mine}. your face will not be squeezed blue, as with traditional swim caps! the only fault i found with it is the color. i do not like reddish or pinkish purples. the one i received is just that (unlike the on-line foto). i cannot return it, as i took it out to try it on, & promptly recycled the plastic bag.

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