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DK Douglas Wet Cap DK Douglas
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DK Douglas Swim Caps

Designed for Water Exercisers

DK Douglas swim caps were specifically designed for water exercisers. This includes anyone who enjoys water jogging, water aerobics classes, aqua pilates, or any other fitness activity in the pool. In fact, DK Douglas swim accessories are great for just lounging by the pool. Unlike stiff, traditional swim caps, these caps are made from soft, pliable lycra. The relaxed fit makes it ideal for water aerobics, but is too loose of a fit to work well with traditional lap swimming exercises. The lycra cap is able to cover the head without snagging or pulling hair. The permeable material won't keep the hair dry, but it will keep your hair comfortably pulled back while you workout in the water.

Helps Protect the Head

The DK Douglas wet caps can help protect your head and scalp in a few different ways. First, the lycra material is able to trap a good amount of heat that would normally be lost through your head. While not as insulating as a neoprene thermal cap, the DK Douglas caps work great if your head happens to get a little chilly while you're in the water. But, these swim caps work wonders on warm, sunny days as well. In addition to slightly insulating the head, the lycra material protects the sensitive scalp from the sun's harmful rays. And anyone who has experienced a sunburn on their head knows how important scalp sun protection truly is!

Fun Alternative

The DK Douglas cap is a fun alternative to a traditional swim cap. It's a beanie-style cap that is perfect for a day splashing in the water or for simply covering your head while lounging by the pool. In addition to coming in a wide range of fun colors, the swim caps are available in a few different sizes to help give you a customized fit.

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