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Speedo Junior Hydrospex2
Speedo JR Hydrospex2 Swim Goggles

Thought that Speedo couldn't improve any further on the classic Jr. Hydrospex design? Think again. The Speedo Jr. Hydrospex 2 goggles provide mini-swimmers with an improved comfortable lens frame, along with the same, trusted fit. The updates to this already outstanding swim goggle make it a fast favorite with your child. Kids splash, dive, swim, jump, and do everything in between when at the pool. Give your child a goggle that can stay put during each and every water-based activity.

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Speedo Hydrospex Goggles
Speedo Hydrospex Classic Goggles

If your time in the pool is a combination of both fun and fitness, then the Speedo Hydrospex Classic Goggles are perfect for you. Designed for a comfortable fit, without sparing performance quality, these recreational goggles are one of the most versatile pairs on the market. There are so many reasons that this swim goggle is Speedo's best-selling pair! The Hydrospex Classic is one multi-functional goggle.

12 In Stock
Speedo Hydrospex 2
Speedo Hydrospex2 Swim Goggles

The Speedo Hydrospex 2 goggles are built for comfort, style and durability. Shatter-proof Lexan lenses make this the ultimate active goggle, great for recreational and fitness swimming indoors and out. It is manufactured by Speedo, a premiere producer of high-quality aquatic apparel and accessories. The soft, flexible frame has the same original fit as the classic Speedo Hydrospex, with improved comfort and styling.

7 In Stock
Speedo Sprint Swim Goggles
Speedo Sprint Swim Goggles

Speedo Sprint Goggles are an economical choice for any recreational or fitness swimmer. And, thanks to their no-suction foam seals, they leave your under eyes mark-free. The Sprint competition goggle feature's Speedo's patented G.O. Fit System. Designed with a "middle eye" fit, this Speedo goggle offers a more comfortable feel for a wider range of faces. The Sprint Goggle also features an adjustable nosepiece, cushioned foam gaskets, anti-fog, and UV protected lenses.

3 In Stock
TYR Team Sprint Swim Goggles
TYR Team Sprint Swim Goggles

The TYR Team Sprint Goggles are the perfect pair for folks seeking to reduce goggle marks and those in need of a low-pressure goggle for long endurance sets. This low-profile comfort goggle features foam backing for unparalleled comfort and an ergonomic design to eliminate leaking. The Team Sprint is also suitable for competition, thanks to its low-volume frame that contours the facial curves. The nose bridge and head strap are fully adjustable, making for a quick, universal fit.

2 In Stock
Aqua Sphere Kaiman Small Fit
Aqua Sphere Kaiman Small Fit Swim Goggles

Aqua Sphere's Kaiman Small Fit goggle provides the same outstanding performance as the original Kaiman goggle but is designed specifically for youth swimmers and those with smaller faces. This goggle is perfect for competitions, triathlons, and fitness alike. The most unique feature of the Kaiman Small Fit goggle is its remarkably wide range of vision. The goggle offers 180 degree panoramic vision − a feature usually only found in swim masks.

31 In Stock
Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggles
Aqua Sphere Kaiman Swim Goggles

Aqua Sphere's Kaiman goggle is perfect for both competitive swimmers and fitness junkies alike. The standard Kaiman goggle boasts an expanded field of vision and superior comfort compared with other goggles of its kind. The frame, which is small in order to reduce drag, allows for 180 degree, panoramic vision − a rare quality in a goggle. This goggle exemplifies Aqua Sphere's commitment to both form and function.

29 In Stock
Aqua Sphere Kaiman Lady
Aqua Sphere Kaiman Lady Swim Goggles

Aqua Sphere's Kaiman Lady goggle offers the same comfort and durability as the original Kaiman swim goggle, but is designed to accommodate the smaller facial features of a woman. This goggle is perfect for female swimmers of all kinds – particularly those looking for a competition or fitness goggle. The Kaiman Lady goggle guarantees a comfortable swimming experience no matter the circumstances.

16 In Stock
Barracuda Ultimate Goggles
Barracuda Ultimate Swim Goggles

The Barracuda Ultimate Swim Goggle's slightly larger frame utilizes patented "positive pressure" seal technology to create a comfortable watertight seal without leaving raccoon rings around your eyes. This goggle's wide field of vision and unparalleled comfort make the Barracuda Ultimate the ideal choice for training or recreational swimmers.

100+ In Stock
Barracuda Bliss Swim Goggle
Barracuda Bliss Swim Goggle

Barracuda designed the Bliss goggle for one reason, and one reason only: comfort. Perfect for recreational and fitness swimmers with a fondness for simplicity, the Barracuda Bliss is a one-piece frame that doesn't skimp on features. Providing what Barracuda refers to as "blissful comfort", this goggle features low-volume seals which are meant to reduce drag, while simultaneously contouring the face.

100+ In Stock
Cressi Flash Swim Goggles
Cressi Flash Swim Goggles

Endorsed by Italian free diver, Umberto Pelizzari, Cressi Flash Goggles make for an impressively comfortable swim. Made in Italy by the renowned Cressi family, Flash adult goggles feature soft, silicone gaskets and a flexible one-piece frame. That means less adjustment and more pool time. Flash goggles also come standard with a protective, plastic case and pre-applied anti-fog coating.

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Classic Swim Goggles

No Frills

Why mess with a good thing? Classic goggles feature simple, traditional designs. They're made to keep water out, remain comfortable around the eyes, and stay in place. And they don't need a lot of frills or embellishments to work great. Classic goggles' straightforward design allows them to accomplish their intended purpose without much adjustment.

One-Piece Frame

Most classically styled goggles feature a one-piece frame. Unlike other goggles that require swimmers to fumble with loose, adjustable nosepieces, one-piece frames incorporate static nosepieces for a simpler fit. Swimmers are able to use these types of goggles and swim masks straight out of the packaging with little or no adjustment necessary. The one-piece frame also allows classic goggles to be extremely durable. Because there aren't a lot of moving parts, these traditionally styled goggles and masks have the ability to stand up to the tests of time better than other types of eyewear.

Comfortable Fit

Classic goggles and swim masks typically feature cushioned lenses or a silicone gasket. While more modern types of goggles forego the foam cushioning to increase streamline performance, traditional goggles incorporated softer gaskets to produce a more comfortable feel. Classic goggles can be worn for extended periods of time without the slightest discomfort. Fitness and endurance swimmers that can afford to choose less streamline frames enjoy the fit and feel of traditionally styled goggles. And because the frames can hold larger lenses, these goggles are especially great for recreational and open water swimmers who'd benefit from a wider, more panoramic view.

Economical Choice

Finally, one of the reasons that classical goggles and swim masks are still so popular to this day is because they are usually a highly economical choice. Great for recreational swimmers and occasional lap swimmers not looking to break the bank, classically styled goggles can fit into anyone's budget.

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