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You Know You’re a Triathlete When…

From early mornings to protein gels, the top 8 signs that you’re a triathlete. Here are a few tell-tale signs that training has taken over your world.

You know you’re a triathlete when…

You Know You Are a Triathlete When...
Saddle sores, protein bars, and tan lines. Marks of a hard-working triathlete.

You think waking up at 6am is sleeping in!

When the rest of the non-training world is just rolling out of bed, you’ve already ran/biked/swam more miles than most would dare dream of. Take pride in your ability to forsake the snooze button. You own the mornings.

You have less body hair than your girlfriend.

Shaving seconds off your time is all about, well, shaving. And triathletes know that the less body hair, the less friction to deal with during the race. Plus, you can spend quality time with your partner while they shave that hard-to-reach back hair.

You actually don’t mind the taste of protein bars and gels.

The flavors that once made you gag aren’t so bad these days. And mid training or race, you’ll do just about whatever it takes to get a boost of energy and a faster recovery time, even if it means downing a shot of sickeningly sweet goo.

You don’t even notice the smell of chlorine any more.

After all those long hours in the pool, swimming lap after lap, the pungent smell of chlorine has become a welcome break from the bike and road. You might even smell so much like the pool that your coworkers are beginning to think Speedo has come out with a perfume line.

Your upcoming vacation just happens to be at the same place as a race!

Why not? Since triathlons are typically held in gorgeous (and often exotic) locales, why not kill two birds with one stone?

Your bike has become a conversation piece in your living room.

Chances are, you spent more on your tri bike than you did on your car. Sure, the bike might not go with your current decor, but where else are you going to store one of the most precious pieces of equipment you’ve ever owned? And no, friends, you cannot ride, borrow, or touch it.

You no longer hide your hideous tan lines or goggle rings.

So what if your mid-thigh tan lines make you the laughing stock of the pool? Or if the guys at work just love the red rings around your eyes after an early morning swim? Think they can run 26 miles or swim just 1 mile? Wear these badges of honor with pride.

Your apartment is littered with drying clothes.

The bathroom hooks, kitchen chairs, bedposts, nothing is too sacred in your house to act as a make-shift drying rack. And with so much gear to hang out before your next training session, you’re actually considering buying more furniture just to help it all dry faster.

Think we missed something? What are your most common symptoms of triathlon training?


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