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The Best Swimming Apps

Why not use your smart phone to help you become a better swimmer? Thanks to new technology and water-loving developers, there are a wide variety of swimming apps that can help you efficiently keep track of your time in the pool. Dive head first into the 21st century and check out some of the best new apps for swimmers.

Swimming apps can keep you on pace and on target.
Swimming apps can keep you on pace and on target.


Available for iPhone and Android

Developed by GoSwim.tv, the GoSwim App puts an entire community of swimmers at your fingertips. The GoSwim app aims to provide swimmers and coaches with poolside access to vast amounts of swim information. Not only does the GoSwim app offer easy access to its website’s most recent content, but it’s also capable of instantly playing tutorials, displaying instructional photos, and streaming videos such as GoSwim.tv’s popular ‘drill of the week’ segment. Swimmers are also treated to access to live discussions groups, updates in the world of swimming news, and a categorized selection of helpful YouTube videos. Also, be sure to check out GoSwim.tv’s Podcast for full coverage on everything happening on the website.

Swim Speed

Available for iPhone

The Swim Speed app is a great way for athletes in all sports to keep track of all their training. It helps monitor distance, time, pace, and speed and can quickly log all of your information into its memory. Additional features can also help you keep track of your caloric consumption, exact location, weather in the area, elevation, and even lets you add notes about a particular workout. It’s an all-around tool that can help you, as a swimmer, runner, or biker, make the most of your training.

Meet Mobile

Available for iPhone and Android

Get nationwide meet and race results the instant they happen with the Meet Mobile App. The app allows you to view all events and meet schedules, to find and follow your favorite swimmers, track a team’s progress, and view the overall results of a meet. It can support the smallest swim meets to the largest national qualifying trials. Fans will love following their favorite athletes, swimmers will love getting a heads up on their event times and lane assignments, and coaches and parents will enjoy being able to easily keep track of when and where their swimmers need to be.

Swimming Lessons

Available for Android

This popular app helps swimmers access hundreds of helpful swim videos. They cover topics ranging from ‘How to Swim The Freestyle/Backstroke/Breaststroke/Butterfly” to videos on how to improve form and technique. Coaches and parents will also love the “How to Teach a Child to Swim” videos included in the app. With over 10,000 downloads, you can’t go wrong with this free swimming app.

Tri Swim Coach Podcast

Available for iPhone

If you’re into triathlons and are looking for a way to further challenge yourself as an endurance swimmer, then this swim app is for you. The Tri Swim Coach podcast is everything you need to swim faster, more efficiently, and smoother. Advice from top triathlon coaches and Ironman professionals will help you train smarter for your next big race. Podcasts includes interviews with top professionals in the triathlon field, as well as panel discussions and tips on everything you need to know about preparing for your next training session and competition. This podcast is free to subscribe to and is updated almost weekly.


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