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The 6 Best Swim Goggles For Competition

A female swimmer stretches poolside.

Have you suffered through one too many races wearing uncomfortable goggles? Is your vision so unclear that you’d be better off swimming with your eyes closed? Don’t let a junky pair of goggles hold you back. If you want to win the race, it’s time to ditch your sub-par pair and invest in grown-up goggles that perform as well as you do.

Though there are tons of models to choose from, not all competition goggles are created equal. If you’re in it to win it, a run-of-the-mill goggle just won’t do. To make the choice easier, we’ve compiled a list of the 6 best swim goggles for competition based on real customer feedback, in-house testing, and our own personal experience.

Speedo Fastskin Elite

For Serious Competitors

If you didn’t already know, Speedo’s Fastskin Elite Goggles are regarded as the best racing goggles. Period. This ultra-streamline pair debuted in 2011 as part of Speedo’s powerhouse crew of souped-up swimwear made specifically to embarrass your competitors.

Speedo Fastskin Elite Goggles

Speedo’s designers spent more than 10,000 hours creating the world’s first racing system, and the Fastskin Elite Goggles reflect that meticulousness. Fastskin Elite’s low-profile IQ Fit straps sit flat against your head, won’t leave you with dangling ends, and adjust quickly and easily thanks to printed measurements on the strap.

In addition to drag-reduction, Fastkin Elite Goggles also boast incredible comfort, thanks to soft TPR seals and an anatomically-correct fit. Hydroscopic lenses lend these Speedo racing goggles an exceptional field of vision. And, of course, they’re FINA-approved.

Speedo MDR 2.4

For an Easy Fit

MDR 2.4 Goggles are one of our best-selling competition models as well as a Platinum Winner of an A’Design Award. This head-turning pair looks fresh and envelopes you in an impenetrable shell of self-assured coolness. MDR 2.4 goggles combine the sharp look of a pair of sunglasses, with the effortlessness of a unibody swim goggle.

Speedo MDR 2.4 Goggles

Speedo MDR 2.4 Goggles premièred in 2015 alongside the Speedo Bullet Goggles and Caliber Mask. All three feature Speedo’s patented Elastomeric gasket technology that seeks to reduce goggle rings and discomfort caused by strong suction. The gaskets’ supple accordion structure expands and contracts to conform to the wearer’s facial structure. MDR Goggles deviate from traditional competition designs, featuring a wider gasket that assumes an 'outer eye fit', mitigating pressure on the delicate skin surrounding the eyes. Suffice it to say that these babies are very comfortable.

Aqua Sphere Xceed Goggles

For an Ultra-Sleek Look

Xceed Goggles by Aqua Sphere are one of the more stunning pairs of competition goggles, brimming with thoughtful details that bolster confidence on race day. They’re part of Michael Phelps’ curated MP Collection and their impressive performance reflects the explosive power of America’s most-decorated Olympian.

Aqua Sphere Xceed Goggles featuring Titanium Mirror Lenses

Each pair of MP Xceed Goggles is created in Italy and provides features like curved lenses for 180° panoramic vision; a patented EXO-Core frame that flexes to provide an anatomically-correct fit; and optional titanium-mirrored lenses that deflect sunlight, glare, and your competitors stares. Xceed Goggles are also FINA-approved.

Barracuda B300 Optical

For Optimal Comfort

Puffy, red goggle rings aren’t the worst thing that could happen during a race, but they’re still obnoxious. If you’re tired of emerging from the water with raccoon eyes, B300 Optical Goggles may be just the pair you’re looking for. Their unique foam gaskets make them one of the only pairs of racing goggles that won’t leave marks.

Barracuda B300 Goggles in Black frame with Mirror Lens

B300 Goggles by comfort-brand, Barracuda, are the ideal training partner for swimmers who suffer from sagging skin, painful marks, and periorbital bruising caused by heavy suction. Barracuda goggles were designed by a dentist who used his knowledge of facial structure and molding techniques to create a line of comfortable swim goggles that relied on ergonomics (or, as he called it, "positive pressure") to stay put. Barracuda’s plush foam gaskets are the reason swimmers invest in B300s year after year.

B300s’ curved lenses are made from CR-39 plastic − the same grade used in eyeglasses. This means you’ll be treated to exceptional clarity, no matter the conditions. And, should they ever sustain damage to the foam-backing, nose bridge, or strap, a Barracuda Goggle Repair Kit provides all the necessary pieces to rejuvenate your pair.

Speedo Vanquisher Optical

For Better Vision

If you can’t see the lane lines or bouys clearly, your poor vision could cost you a race. Speedo Vanquisher Optical Goggles correct near-sighted swimmers’ vision while simultaneously reducing drag and making you look savage.

Speedo Vanquisher Optical Goggles in Smoke Lens

Speedo’s Vanquisher model is nothing to scoff at. They’re lauded as America’s #1 Racing Goggle and they continue to live up to that standard. Vanquisher Optical Goggles are as classic as can be, with no color choice besides clear or smoke lens. But what they lack in pizazz, they make up for in functionality. Vanquisher Opticals are available in diopter strengths ranging from -1.5 − -8.0, reclaiming myopic athletes worldwide. Beyond their corrective capabilities, Vanquisher Optical Goggles improve streamline due to curved lenses and a face-hugging 'inner eye fit'.

TYR Special Ops 2.0

For Open Water

Special Ops 2.0 are TYR’s #1 best-selling goggle and the ideal partner for outdoor or open-water competition. Thanks to their wide lenses and flexible frame, these open water racing goggles won’t leave you with blind spots or warp your vision.

TYR Special Ops 2.0 Goggles in USA colors

Special Ops Goggles come standard with polycarbonate lenses that are no different than an eyeglass lens, providing excellent visual acuity both under and above water. These racing goggles also boast UVA/UVB protective lenses, available in both polarized and self-darkening photochromic models.

The Durafit™ silicone gaskets are one the softest we’ve felt, making Special Ops Goggles one of the most comfortable options for triathlons and long-distance events. Unfortunately, the unibody design means there’s no width adjustment, so we don’t recommend these goggles for people with close-set eyes or petite faces.

Whether you want to win the race or just keep pace, you owe it to yourself to spring for a pair of the best swim goggles for competition. Need more help? Feel free to reach out to us for assistance.


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