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Swim Training Tips for Avoiding Burnout 

Avoiding Training Burnout

What is Training Burnout? Lack of concentration, the re-emergence of faulty mechanics, and loss of competitive spirit are all obvious warning signs of training burnout. Although triathletes and long-course swimmers are more likely to feel training fatigue at some point in their careers, burnout can happen to just about anyone. Recognizing the symptoms of overtraining […]

Swim Training Tips
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4 Freestyle Drills for a Winning Stroke 

Man Performs Freestyle Drills with a Center Snorkel

Every swimmer knows that the key to a winning stroke is drag reduction. But this can be achieved through multiple channels. Here are four simple freestyle drills that you can easily incorporate into your current training routine. Each drill will isolate and bolster an essential component of the freestyle stroke to improve overall efficiency & […]

Swim Training Tips
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Cross Training For Swimmers

Cross Training for Swimmers

Just as dryland athletes hit the pool to cross-train in a heavy-resistance environment, it’s important for swimmers to take the time to train on dryland to maintain bone density, among other benefits. According to a 2012 Forbes article, “yoga, running, and cycling are a fabulous trio of cross-training exercises, which if done regularly and well, […]

Health & Nutrition, Swim Training Tips
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Mental Training for Athletes

Swimmer performs freestyle drills with snorkel.

High-level endurance athletes know that mental training is just as important as physical training. Mental toughness is a cornerstone to any successful long-distance swim. But it’s equally as important to implement during daily training. If you’ve been feeling mentally weak lately, check out these 6 tips to train your brain for race day. Strengthen your […]

Swim Training Tips
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