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How to Choose the Right Swimwear Fabric For Your Team

Speedo athlete in Endurance+ "Angles" Swimsuit.

Each of Speedo's fabric technologies is developed by experts to formulate impeccably-polished, race-ready swimsuits for every user – from elite athletes to casual competitors. But with so many suit materials floating around, it's hard to know which one is right for you. This guide compares Speedo's 2017 swimwear fabric options to make your decision as simple as "which color do I want?"


Speedo LZR Racer Pro Suit
Speedo "LZR Racer Pro Suit" featuring LZR Pulse+ fabric.


Developed in Speedo's Aqualab, LZR Pulse+ fabric was designed by "experts from diverse industries including aerospace, engineering, medicine, sport science, fabric technology, and garment construction", according to Speedo. LZR Pulse+ underwent meticulous testing and reviews by real athletes, yielding a powerful fabric that's lightweight and compressive, to contour the body without added drag. It provides a 40% boost in water repellency, allowing for greater efficiency that slides through the pool. This FINA-approved fabric is the optimal choice for elite athletes and other serious competitors.


Speedo Aquablade Recordbreaker Suit
Speedo "Aquablade Recordbreaker" Suit featuring Aquablade fabric.


Speedo's Aquablade fabric is suggested for team and competition users at an entry level. It's unique striping channels water vertically down the body, streamlining your swim and providing a lower drag coefficient than traditional suits. This slicker-than-skin design cuts through water for easy entries and push-offs. Wear this fabric for a fierce look that provides greater speed off the blocks.


Speedo Turbo Stroke Suit
Speedo "Turbo Stroke" Suit featuring Endurance+ fabric.


Made for practice and swim training, Endurance+ is Speedo's most popular, longest-lasting fabric option. The material's composition reportedly lasts 20 times longer than standard swimsuit fabrics, allowing for extended pool-time without the wear and tear. If you swim 12 hours per week, Speedo predicts that your Endurance+ suit will last at least 20 weeks. It's chlorine-resistant to control age-related concerns like sagging and bagging. Plus, the four-way stretch design comfortably hugs the body for a streamline that doesn’t inhibit your stroke.


Speedo Bolt Splice Suit
Speedo "Bolt Splice" Suit featuring PowerPLUS fabric.

21% LYCRA, 79% NYLON

This lightweight fabric boasts a 50% reduction in weight, compared to traditional materials. PowerPLUS resists pilling and chlorine damage and dries quickly due to its reduced weight. The fabric retains its original shape swim after swim – up to 10 times longer than Spandex – according to Speedo. PowerPLUS' compression technology supports and lengthens muscles for a more forceful stroke and decreased recovery time. This low-drag material is ideal for both competition and training.


Speedo Drip Splash Suit
Speedo "Drip Splash" Suit featuring PowerFLEX ECO fabric.


Speedo's PowerFLEX fabric is perfect for practice and recreation thanks to its longevity. It can take on more than 200 hours of pool time without deteriorating. The material resists the degrading affects of sunblock, lotions, skin oils, and chlorine, allowing it maintain its shape 5-10 times longer than ordinary fabrics.


Speedo The One Suit
Speedo "The One" Suit featuring Endurance Lite fabric.


Endurance Lite fabric echoes Speedo's best-selling Endurance+ material, but is 10% lighter weight. It lasts longer than standard swimwear by resisting chlorine damage that leads to sagginess, bunching, and fading. Endurance Lite offers the same four-way stretch technology that Endurance+ models do, but with 20% more pliability. These suits are ideal for practice, training, and fitness swimming thanks to their comfort and long life.


Speedo Pro LT Super Pro Suit
Speedo "Pro LT Super Pro" Suit featuring Pro LT fabric.


The most economical option offered by Speedo, LT Pro fabric is recommended for short season competitors and occasional swimmers. It maintains its shape well, even with prolonged storage between uses. If you swim more than a couple of hours per week, look for an option with greater chlorine resistance.

Keep in mind: All suits eventually succumb to the powerful grip of chlorine and UV damage. But, you can curb deterioration immensely by soaking your jammers or suit in a swimwear cleaner after each use and hanging to dry. If you don't have the option to clean your swimwear thoroughly after practice, simply rinse your suit in fresh water to flush out harmful residues, then roll it in your towel to remove excess moisture before you hang it up.


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