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6 Pro Tips to Swim the Freestyle Faster

The freestyle stroke is far and away the most common in both distance and sprint races. Check out our simple tips to improve your stroke and increase speed.

Man Performs Freestyle Drills with a Center Snorkel

1. Start Strong

When you push off the wall, make sure to keep your body in a tight streamline position. Keep your biceps tight to the ears and start with one hand atop the other. This position reduces drag and helps you slice through the water.  

2. Watch Your Head

Streamline your body by lowering your head, which slightly raises your hips and legs. Your eyes should be looking down, your neck relaxed and your body as horizontal as possible.  

3. Kick, Kick, Kick

A strong kick is vital for propelling yourself through the water. Practice with a kick board or try a six kick switch drill: kick six times on your right side, then six times on your front, then six times on your left side.  

4. Stay in Line

It’s easy enough to start the body in the right position, but it’s much harder to keep it that way. Focus on keeping your hips and shoulders in line at all times. Just bringing mental focus to these problem areas can make a world of difference.  

5. Work the Arms

Once you consistently maintain the right body posture, you’re ready to increase your stroke rate. Work your way up slowly; it’s important to maintain good form as you begin to master the stroke. Take ten strokes and time yourself. Then work to reduce your time while taking those same ten strokes.  

6. Choose the Right Snorkel

Try using a center-mount snorkel to keep your head in the correct position while you practice your stroke. Try our Speedo Bullet Head Snorkel, an awesome piece that features minimal, ergonomic design for optimum speed and comfort.


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