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Interview With an Athlete: “Victoria Runs”

Victoria swims. Victoria cycles. But mostly, Victoria runs.

Victoria of Victoria Runs poses with a medal.

Those close to Victoria refer to her as a “positive influence,” a “mentor,” and a “life enthusiast.” She offers her support to numerous charitable causes. Most notably, Victoria volunteers annually with Camp Ukandu – an event held in Portland, OR which gives kid’s with childhood cancer a chance to enjoy a week of no-holds-barred fun. How does she hold it all together? Victoria runs.

1. How do you reward yourself after a race or training session?

After a hard training session, I reward myself with new songs for my iPod. This makes the next training session somewhat fresh and exciting. After a race, like a half or full marathon, I always get a pedicure. My poor little toes need it!

2. Which aspect of “the swim” do you struggle with the most (if any)?

Usually the initial getting in… sometimes the water can be chilly and I don’t like to open water swim with a wetsuit. So I just grin and bear it. It always reminds me of camp and ‘polar bear swims’. I was always ‘that camper’ that had to go… so I just remind myself that I love the cooler water.

3. What do you eat in a typical day?

Everyday varies. I try not to have a set diet, because sometimes I have client lunches or dinners. I also listen to what my body craves. I do eat mostly vegetarian, because my stomach does not process meat well. I aim for 6 small meals a day and that seems to work best for me. Oh, and sweets. I love sweets, but I’ll blame by dad for those genetics!

4. What is your best piece of advice for nervous athletes before a race?

Trust your training. Practice mental strategies prior to the race to get you through. I love mental games during runs and use them quite frequently!

5. Do you typically listen to music while running/training?

I usually do listen to music and have recently found the ‘Girl Talk’ mash ups and LOVE them. It’s a mix of rock, pop, and oldies all mashed up for my running pleasure. Love them!

6. What is your favorite event to participate in?

I actually am just starting to like to race. I have finally grasped the art of talking over my self doubt, so I would have to say the 10k. Although, I don’t run that distance a lot. I also like any race with a costume contest!! I probably will never win a race for my speed (I am usually 11-12 min pace or slower for a marathon)… but I will sure as heck be competitive in a costume contest!!

Connect with Victoria on Google+!


One Response so far...
  1. Mary Jo Geiger

    Such a great article on an absolutely fabulous woman, friend, athlete, mentor, inspiration and mentor. Victoria always gives of herself and is always there with a smile no matter what time of the morning or night I see her. Thanks for showcasing one of Savannah's best ambassadors!

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