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Improve Your Flutter Kick with 4 Expert Tips

Fine tuning any portion of your freestyle stroke allows you to become a more efficient (and, let’s face it – faster) swimmer. This is especially true of your flutter kick. Learning to improve your flutter kick can help you maximize stroke speed, increase efficiency, and leave the competition in your wake. Here are some simple training suggestions that will transform a sluggish freestyle kick into a high-powered flutter.

4 Tips to Improve Your Flutter Kick
A better flutter kick is within reach.

Boost Kick Rate

If you’re suffering from a slow or weak freestyle, your kick rate might be to blame. Knowing inherently what’s too fast or too slow of a kick is tough. But, thankfully, there are training tools specifically designed to help you find your stroke’s ‘Goldilocks’ zone. The Finis Tempo Trainer Pro is a waterproof metronome that emits an audible beep to keep you on an even pace. The tempo is adjustable, meaning you can increase your rate over time or switch quickly between strokes.

Train Outside the Pool

Cross training is essential for any swimmer who is serious about success. And freestyle swimmers with a languid flutter kick will really benefit from lifting weights, running, and jogging stairs. A quick jump rope warm up before hitting the pool is not only a great way to get your blood pumping, but will help build and energize muscles throughout the leg. The Speedo Aquafit 360 Jump Rope is a great addition to any freestyler’s swim gear bag because it is so versatile. Use it for a warm-up, cardio intervals, or to stretch after a workout.

Stretch Your Ankles

If you’re new to swimming, you might not be aware that ankle flexibility plays a significant role in the flutter kick’s speed and efficiency. Keeping the muscles and ligaments around the ankle lithe can be easily done with the help of fins. If you’re suffering from a slow kick, we recommend the Finis Zoomers Gold training fins. Not only do they help to increase ankle and lower leg flexibility, but they also add powerful resistance to your kick for strength training.

Make it a Habit

One of the best things you can do for your kick is to focus on kick rate, ankle flexibility, and cross-training every single day. Combining the suggestions above will certainly help to improve your flutter kick and your freestyle stroke, overall.


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