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How to Protect Skin from Chlorine

The same chemicals that are responsible for maintaining a safe and clean pool environment are also to blame for the dry, itchy skin swimmers experience after leaving the water. Chlorine is one of the most widely used chemicals in private and public swimming pools. And though it’s great at keeping bacteria growth at bay, it’s harsh chemical make-up can also wreak havoc on skin’s delicate balance. If you’re not sure how to protect skin from chlorine, this guide will help soothe your itch and calm your rash.

Skin Friendly Barrier Lotion
Apply lotion sparingly about 15 minutes before swimming.

What’s Going On With My Skin?

The most ubiquitous condition that pool swimmers suffer from is contact dermatitis. This irksome condition refers simply to skin inflammation (dry, itchy, red and irritated skin) that results from direct contact with chlorine, bromine, or other harsh chemicals. Contact dermatitis from pool water is more commonly known as ‘chlorine rash’, because sufferers’ skin can become so irritated that it mimics a rash.

As easy as it is for swimmers with sensitive skin to suffer from this condition, it’s equally as easy to treat or prevent from occurring altogether. There are highly effective pre and post-swim products that have been specifically developed to stop chlorine rash from ever getting out of hand.

Before You Swim

Skin Friendly’s “Nourish” Pre-Swim Lotion is a hypoallergenic formula that creates a non-greasy topical barrier to protect your skin against irritants in the water. Smooth on a dollop of lotion (sparingly) about 10-15 minutes before you get in the water. It’s great for pool swimmers, perfect for a day at the beach in salt water, and can even be used at home to protect your skin from household irritants like bleach, ammonia, and other cleaning products.

After You Swim

Alternatively, Joshua Tree Watersports Salve works hard to reverse irritation caused by the water. The salve’s waxy composition is designed to stay put in any kind of wet environment and even serves to prevent blistering and irritation resulting from chafing against swim gear, kayak paddles, water-ski lines, and more. It’s 100% organic formula is better suited for healing and helping seal up chapped skin, chaffing, cuts, burns, and blisters, which also prevents chlorine from doing any further damage to previous skin irritations.

Joshua Tree Water Sports Salve
For use before or after your swim, Joshua Tree salve protects against chafing and soothes skin maladies.

Cleansing your skin post-swim to remove chemicals is equally as important as protecting your skin from chlorine damage in the first place. Summer Solutions Swimmer’s Soap may look like a simple bar of soap, but it’s specialized cleansing formula helps neutralize the effects of pool chemicals. Not only does Swimmer’s Soap wash away any remaining traces of chlorine, but it’s gentle, moisturizing ingredients do so without stripping your skin of precious oils. And the all-natural, completely-pronounceable ingredients list makes this soap a no-brainer.

Knowing how to protect skin from chlorine can mean the difference between giving it your all and giving it a rest. Take back your skin’s health today. With these versatile products on hand, there’s no reason that you can’t be itch- and rash-free all season.


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