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How to Protect Hair From Chlorine

Are you an avid swimmer who suffers from dry, damaged hair – and even the occasional green tinge? There are two primary ways by which to protect your hair from the damaging effects of chlorine – without giving up your swimming routine altogether, that is. One: cover your hair and scalp with a form fitting cap to prevent chemicals from reaching your hair. Or, two: seal the hair cuticle with the help of specialized leave-in formulas. If you’re not sure how to protect your hair from chlorine damage, look no further.

How to Protect Hair From Chlorine

Learning how to protect hair from chlorine is valuable to the life of your hair.
Learning how to protect hair from chlorine is valuable to the life of your hair.

Cover It Up

The more form fitting of a cap you can find, the better your chances of keeping chlorine out. The All Star Bubble Cap is a great choice for swimmers looking to protect their locks. Not only does its bubble-covered design contour the head, but it also comes with extended sides to help cover the ears and a chin strap to help keep the cap firmly in place. Not only that, but the bubble cap features three ridges along the inner band which prevent water from seeping in. If you’re looking for even more protection, you can pair a bubble-style cap with an ultra-thin Latex swim cap. Because they’re so slim, Latex caps will easily sit under a bubble cap (or any other cap for that matter) and provide an extra layer of waterproof protection.

Seal the Deal

If you’re really serious about keeping your hair protected, then we recommend adding a protective conditioner straight to your hair. The Reflect H20 Pre-Swim & Sun Protecting Gel was designed to seal the hair cuticle, and it’s received high marks from previous customers. The formula not only locks in precious moisture, but also keeps chlorine, bromine, salt, or any other impurities found in water, from penetrating the hair shaft.

While no hair protection method is 100% fool-proof, the precautions above go a long way to minimize the amount of damage your hair endures when exposed to chlorine. After all, the only way anyone should be able to tell you’re a swimmer is by your wicked physique… not your scarecrow hair.


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