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Goggles That Won’t Leave Marks

Raccoon eyes. Red rings. Goggle marks. Whatever you call them, they’re hideous. Nothing’s worse than leaving the pool with red, puffy, raccoon eyes. And nothing’s harder than trying to find a pair of goggles that won’t leave marks on you. Maybe you’ve even been desperate enough to try under-eye creams, concealers, or even loosening up your goggle straps. But those remedies won’t get you very far, because its actually your high-suction, ill-fitting goggles that are to blame.

If you’re consistently bothered by rings around the eyes, choose a goggle that applies gentle or suction-less pressure to your delicate eye area. The three models below are some of the most popular and effective countermeasures for fighting goggle marks:

These Swim Goggles Won’t Leave Rings

Barracuda Foam-Gasket Goggles

Barracuda models are some of the only goggles that won't leave marks.
Barracuda goggles apply a gentle “positive pressure” seal which relies in ergonomic fit rather than suction.

Barracuda goggles are arguably the most comfortable designs on the swim gear market today. Their goggles don’t need to apply strong suction to stay firmly on a swimmer’s face. Instead, they utilize a patented positive pressure seal technology. This unique, anatomically-correct feature creates a watertight seal without requiring tight straps or excessive pressure… which means you’ll be less likely to emerge from your swim with unsightly red marks. Try Barracuda’s Standard Goggle for a soft, foam gasket that’s ideal for both open water and in-pool training.

Aqua Sphere Masks

The Aqua Sphere Vista Mask reduces red marks caused by tight-fitting goggles.
The Vista mask by Aqua Sphere is ideal for open water swimmers hoping to reduce goggle marks.

If you feel like your goggles sit too far into your eye sockets (known as an inner-eye fit), consider switching to a quality swim mask. Slightly larger than a goggle, but much more streamline than a traditional snorkeling mask, a swim mask widens peripheral vision (compared to a standard goggle) and relieves pressure on the under-eye by distributing suction over a larger surface area. We recommend the versatile Aqua Sphere Vista Mask, which gives users a comfortable, streamline fit and wide field of view.

Elastomeric Speedo Goggles

Speedo Bullet Goggles
Elastomericâ„¢ gaskets fold and stretch like an accordian to accommodate more face shapes with less suction.

Newer technologies, like Speedo’s Elastomeric gaskets, are helping swimmers avoid raccoon eyes altogether. Available for purchase in 2014, Speedo goggles that incorporate Elastomeric Technology feature ultra-soft silicone seals with inlaid grooves that are designed to expand and contract to hug the unique contours of a swimmer’s face. This construction minimizes excess pressure on the face and decreases the appearance of goggle ring marks. Check out the Caliber mask and the Bullet and MDR 2.4 goggles which all feature the new Elastomericâ„¢ seals.

No matter how far gone you think your eyes might be, know that there is help for your poor, swollen face. Stop raccoon eyes in their tracks and switch to a more comfortable model today!


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