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DMC Swim Fins Review

Thanks to endurance swimmer, Lexie Kelly, for the post!

Speed helps endurance athletes. Although many of the swims I am training for require a great deal of very long endurance, it is important to incorporate some speed into my workouts as well. I always thought I did not have fast twitch muscles, but I have been learning that, like anything else, you can train your body to improve and excel at things it is not familiar with.

DMC Swim Fins provide swimmers with technique revision and improved leg strength.
Winner of the Australian Design Award, each pair of DMC swim fins is designed with an eye to both form and function.

I recently have been working on my speed with the DMC Swim Fins (now DMC Elite Fins). They are designed in Australia and come in many colors including pink!

I use them for speed work as well as toning! I incorporate underwater dolphin kick, dolphin kick sets on my back, and vertical kicking. They are very flexible so you can feel both your upkick and downkick.

The way they are cut allows you to slip them on and off very quickly, perfect for my beach lifeguarding job when you run in and out of the water for prevents and rescues.

I’ve always been hesitant with fins because I don’t like getting blisters, but unlike other fins, they are made of silicone rather than rubber so do not have this effect. They are very comfortable. Even the first time “breaking them in” I did not have any issues.

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