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Cross Training For Runners, Weightlifters, and Yogis

Cross training in the water gives athletes a chance to take a break from their normal routine. No matter which sport you prefer on dry land, there’s a great alternative water-based workout that will meet all of your strength training and cardio needs. Substituting the pool for the gym, studio or track is a great way to break up workout monotony, give rest to knee and hip joints, and balance muscle groups throughout the body. Check out the workout suggestions below and see how training in the pool can help you become a better athlete, both in and out of the water.

Cross training for runners is highly effective.
Cross training for runners can help you push past a plateau or increase cardio levels.

Cross Training For Runners

Many runners find it difficult to cross train because they feel that they can’t get a high caliber workout anywhere else but on the track. However, running and jogging enthusiasts are often pleasantly surprised by the great workout they can achieve while in the water. While swimming laps is an excellent full body and cardio routine, runners might be more comfortable simply running in the water. Gone are the days of lightweight aqua jogging routines. With specialized training devices, such as Burdenko Water Walkers, dry land athletes can get a high intensity workout while in the pool. The water walker’s wide surface area catches the maximum amount of water with every step. This allows them to add resistance to every movement and, in turn, helps burn calories, build lean leg muscles, and strengthen the core. All you have to do is slip them on and start ‘walking’ across the deep end of the pool. Pair them with a buoyant water jog belt and you’ll be treated to a high level water workout that’s easily comparable to any run.

Cross Training For Yogis

Because water is able to support and cushion the entire body, routines that incorporate stretching, elongating and strengthening are ideal for the pool. This even applies to specialized workouts such as Yoga and Pilates. While you might not be able to do a Downward Facing Dog like on dry land, there are training devices that help you stretch and strengthen while in the water. The All Pro Weight-a-Band is a must-have for any Pilates enthusiast. The band combines a weighted hand weight with powerful resistance bands, which create a revolutionary way to workout in the water. Incorporating cardio, Pilates, and resistance exercises, the All Pro resistance band helps dry land athletes cross train with ease.

Cross Training For Weightlifters

Rather than relying on dead weight provided by kettlebells, or dumbbells, weightlifters can effectively strength train with the help of hand bells. The most challenging pair of bells on the market today, Hydro-Tone Hydro Bells, utilize a unique shape and material to harness water’s resistance properties. Use the buoyancy-neutral bells in long, sweeping motions for improved muscle and joint strength. Or, perform kickboxing moves to boost cardio levels.

You don’t have to cross train for every other workout. To start, try adding in one pool workout a week. By doing so, you will pinpoint your weaknesses and round out your overall performance.

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