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How to Wash Diaper Covers


Tired of washing your cloth diaper covers in the washer only to be left with covers that still smell? Although washing diaper covers in the washing machine alongside cloth diapers and wipes is convenient, it doesn’t always work to remove odors, leaving you with semi-putrid diaper covers that seem a shame to put on your […]

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How to Prevent Swimmer's Ear & Other Causes of Ear Pain 


Our ears are essential for daily life, constantly collecting and transmitting soundwaves to the brain for interpretation. But hearing isn’t our ears’ only purpose. Properly-functioning ears can also pinpoint a sound’s location, distinguish familiar voices in a crowd, and maintain a person’s balance and equilibrium thanks to the movement of fluid through the inner ear, […]

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Can Children Go Swimming With Ear Tubes? 


Don’t let an ear infection take the fun out of summer. Earplugs and earbands keep your child’s ear tubes covered and water entry at bay. Whether you call them pressure equalization tubes, myringotomy tubes, or tympanostomy tubes, they’re one of the most commonly-implanted medical devices. Millions of children have ear tubes in place to eliminate […]

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The 3 Best Ear Plugs for Swimming 


Say goodbye to Swimmer’s Ear with the help of one of our 3 all-time favorite earplugs. Suffering from swimmer’s ear? Don’t let pain and swelling dampen your day at the pool. Block water from entering the ear canal with a pair of simple silicone earplugs. Whether you opt for pre-shaped or moldable earplugs, you’ll be […]

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Best Sunscreen For Summer

The best sunscreen for kids will be waterproof and long-wearing.

What To Look For: Chances are you’ll be spending a fair amount of time in the sun this summer. To keep you and your family as safe and happy as possible, you might find it prudent to stock up on some quality, fool-proof sunscreen. Sunscreens and lotions can do more than just protect from sunburns; […]

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