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Health & Nutrition

How to Prevent Swimmer's Ear & Other Causes of Ear Pain 


Our ears are essential for daily life, constantly collecting and transmitting soundwaves to the brain for interpretation. But hearing isn’t our ears’ only purpose. Properly-functioning ears can also pinpoint a sound’s location, distinguish familiar voices in a crowd, and maintain a person’s balance and equilibrium thanks to the movement of fluid through the inner ear, […]

Health & Nutrition, KIds
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Can Children Go Swimming With Ear Tubes? 


Don’t let an ear infection take the fun out of summer. Earplugs and earbands keep your child’s ear tubes covered and water entry at bay. Whether you call them pressure equalization tubes, myringotomy tubes, or tympanostomy tubes, they’re one of the most commonly-implanted medical devices. Millions of children have ear tubes in place to eliminate […]

Health & Nutrition, KIds
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What to Eat Before a Race

What To Eat Before A Race

Fried eggs, mayonnaise, cheese, French toast, pancakes. No, this isn’t the menu from an all-you-can-eat, Vegas-style buffet. It’s reportedly a sampling of decorated Olympian Michael Phelps’ breakfast from his highly publicized 12,000 calories-a-day training diet. But should you be eating similarly before your next race? Nutrition plays a vital role in any athlete’s performance, but […]

Health & Nutrition
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Hair Care for Swimmers: Healthy Locks in 3 Simple Steps 

Woman who clearly abides by a swimmes hair care routine

Despite the physical and mental benefits that swimming provides, a chlorinated pool also exposes you to the following horrors: green hair, split ends, dry and brittle locks, and broken strands. The chemicals and hard minerals found in pools cause healthy hair to quickly become damaged, while processed hair that’s been colored, straightened, or permed will […]

Health & Nutrition, Product Reviews
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