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The Best Speedo Goggles of 2017

A swimmer performs the butterfly in Speedo gear.

When it comes to swim goggles, Speedo is the authority. This year, as ever, Speedo’s technicians spent thousands of hours developing the most functional models of goggles that money can buy. While there are more than a handful of exceptional Speedo goggles, we’ve narrowed down our favorites to this short and sweet list of the best Speedo goggles of 2017.

MDR 2.4 Polarized

Made for: Fitness, Recreation, Practice, & Racing

If you ask us, MDR 2.4 Goggles are the best Speedo goggles for the broadest range of swimmers. They’re simple; they’re functional; and they’re one of the only pairs of goggles that won’t leave you with raccoon eyes. Reviewers describe them as “soothing”, “very comfortable”, and “highly recommended.”

Speedo MDR 2.4 Polarized Goggles

Scientists at the Speedo Lab seem to offer up just the right technology at just the right time. When requests for goggles that don’t leave marks became louder than ever, Speedo responded by introducing patented Elastomeric™ technology. The gaskets of the Caliber Mask and the Bullet and MDR 2.4 Goggles are equipped with flexuous liquid silicone seals with soft ridges that expand and contract, yielding to the wearer’s facial anatomy. These Speedo goggles rely on a design that’s cohesive with the face, rather than on suction that’s adhesive to the face. This makes MDR 2.4s one of the lowest-suction models available. Plus, the flexible, dual-density TPR frame means a more pliant fit and a longer-life for your goggles.

MDR 2.4s polarized lenses eliminate horizontal light, allowing them to cut through glare and provide crisper, clearer vision both under water and above. The lenses are also armed with Speedo’s ClearSight™ technology − a split lens construction that minimizes underwater distortion.

CONS: Though the lack of a replaceable nose bridge makes this a super-simplistic design, some users may not like the fact that there is no potential for adjusting the width of the goggle. If you’re not a fan of close-fitting goggles, try the Caliber Mask for all the same comforts of Speedo’s Elastomeric™ gasket technology in a swim mask.

FS3 Elite Mirrored

Made for: Elite Training & Racing

Tired of dealing with goggles that slip off, fog up, or otherwise let you down race after race? Fastkin Elite Goggles aim to restore your faith in swim goggles. Since Speedo debuted their Fastskin 3 System in 2011, no “Best Of” list could be complete without FS3 Elite Goggles. Reviewers call them “the best”, “worth every penny”, a “perfect fit”, and say that you “can’t even tell you’re wearing them.”

Speedo Fastskin Elite Mirrored Goggles

FS3 Elite Goggles’ superior comfort and fit are no accident. The patented 3D Fit is the result of thousands of facial scans performed in Speedo’s very own testing facility, the AquaLab. Beyond comfort, Fastskin Goggles also equip competitive swimmers with the same drag-eliminating technology that is preferred by athletes at the Olympic level. Fastskin Elite Goggles are the only Speedo goggles to feature IQ Fit Seals which function at lower strap tension and a one-piece IQ Fit Strap that sits flat against the head and eliminates dangling strap ends. You’ll also be treated to 180° peripheral vision and visual acuity that’s well above par thanks to a unique, Hydroscopic Lens™. Plus, Hydrodynamic Dive Stream™ technology works to maintain firm goggle positioning during dive entries and flipturns. Users confirm that this technology works, and works reliably.

CONS: Some might argue that the price is the biggest downside, but Fastskin Elite Goggles have earned their stripes, according to reviewers. One complaint was that they don’t come with a case (and you really want one for this investment). But, the most common grievance was the close, racing-style fit which caused discomfort for some users.

Vanquisher EV Mirrored

Made for: Practice & Racing

Vanquisher Goggles have long been favorites of competitive swimmers like Missy Franklin. This year, Speedo put a new twist on America’s #1 racing goggles with the introduction of their Vanquisher EV Mirrored Goggles. Reviewers call them “so comfortable” and a “great buy.”

Speedo Vanquisher EV Mirrored Goggles

The original Vanquisher Goggles provided the widest panoramic lens of any Speedo goggle, but the new Vanquisher EV’s distinct “Expanded View” lenses outdo even that. EV lenses provide 20% more optical surface for greater peripheral vision as well as a shape that allows swimmers to see more of their surroundings while maintaining proper head position. Cushioned silicone gaskets soften the close, inner-eye fit. The dual-tone strap design coupled with vivid mirrored lenses makes this pair a head-turner. Reviewers liked the lightweight design (less than 1 oz) and the dependable fit.

CONS: Like it’s predecessors, Vanquisher EV sits in the eye socket for an ultra-low profile. If a close fit bothers you, a larger frame and gasket will feel better. Try Speedo’s Bullet Goggles for a more comfortable (but less streamline) option.

Not sure if our favorites are your favorites? Check out the full line of Speedo goggles and decide for yourself. Of course, we’re always here to help. Just reach out to us for the answers to all of your questions about swimming goggles.


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