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20 Minute Aqua Jogging Workout

If you have 20 minutes, access to a pool, and a trusty water jog belt, then you have everything you need to achieve a great aqua jogging workout. Don’t be fooled by this seemingly simple water routine. Even in-shape athletes may find themselves huffing and puffing to get through this workout that focuses on increasing the heart rate and burning calories.

The perfect flotation belt for aqua jogging workouts.
Flotation belts allow users to elevate themselves above the pool bottom and harness the full intensity of a water jogging workout.

20 Minute Aqua Jogging Workout

This workout is great for anyone looking to add a short blast of cardio to their exercise routine. Swimmers will love having an alternative way to spike their heart rate while still in the water. And even hardcore runners will love this workout as a fun, yet challenging, change of pace to their existing program.

3 Min. Warm Up

Do whatever it is you need to do to get your blood pumping and your muscles warmed up. Swim a few laps, skip rope at the side of the pool, jog in place. Be sure that your legs are properly loosened up and stretched out before you head to the deep end.

5 Min. Ease In

Strap on your water jog belt and head to the deep end of the pool. You’ll want to make sure you find a spot where your feet don’t touch the bottom. Don’t worry, your floatation belt will easily keep your head above water while you focus on building intensity. In the exact same way that you would run on dry land, begin a slow to medium paced running motion in the water. Pay attention to your legs pulling through the water. Because water is 800 times denser than air, your leg muscles will have to work much harder than they do on the track or running trail.

6 – 30 Second Sprints with 20 Seconds of Rest Between (5 Min Total)

Now that your body is fully warmed up and ready to go, it’s time to rev up your heart rate to fat burning levels. Use a stopwatch or count out loud as you sprint through the water for 30 seconds at a time. You can run wall-to-wall or use a belt hitch to remain stationary. Rest for 20 seconds between each sprint to recover and catch your breath.

Don’t forget to keep your abs tight and your chest lifted while you’re jogging in the water. This will help you stay as vertical as possible. Also make sure that your arms are pumping back and forth as they would on dry land. For an added benefit, try alternating between pointing your toes and flexing your heels for a bonus calf and hamstring workout.

5 Min Alternate Sprint and Slow Jog

Once again you’ll be revving up your heart rate for another 5 minute interval set. Alternate 30 seconds of sprint with 30 seconds of slow water jogging. Unlike the last set, you’ll be actively moving through the water for the entire 5 minutes. While your heart rate may be slightly lower than it would be on dry land, you’ll still be benefiting from a great cardio workout, with added strength building and calorie burning benefits.

2 Min. Cool Down

After the last 5 minutes of sprints and jogs, you’ll need a good cool down. To do this, simply walk through the water for at least 2 minutes. You’ll want to do this to slow down your heart rate and give your muscles a good, thorough stretch after such a hard workout. Remove the jog belt and walk in chest- or waist-deep water, if you wish.

In the market for a jog belt? AquaGear® has you covered with our selection of jog belts in a wide variety of sizes and buoyancy strengths. AquaJogger belts have been a popular choice among deep water runners for years. Yet big swim brands, such as Speedo and Water Gear, have also gotten into the flotation belt game. If you ask us, Hydro-Fit products are the way to go: their water jog belts are made in the USA and don’t ride up like other models tend to do. Check out the various styles and find one that fits you and your fitness needs perfectly!

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