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4 Lively Pool Games to Boost Kids’ Confidence

Marco Who? It’s time to move on from over-done pool games and add some excitement to family pool time. These water games are not only ridiculously fun, but your child’s confidence in the water will soar. So suit up and get your game face on, because it’s time to really challenge your kids (and yourself!) in the water.

Little girl dives for a pool toy.
Playing water games with your child not only bolsters kid’s courage, but also provides some family fun.

Treasure Hunt

Benefits: Breath Control, Head Position, Streamline Body Position (& Math Skills!)

Grab a jar of spare change and head out to the pool. Because this is a game that involves money, family members of any age will be thrilled to join in. Toss a few coins into the water and watch your kids scramble to collect the change off the bottom of the pool. Beginners should start in shallower waters (about waist deep), while older kids will love the challenge of collecting specific amounts (EX: “First swimmer to find 50 cents wins!”).

Name That (Underwater) Tune

Benefits: Breath Control, Listening Skills, & Teamwork

Although this game is great for any child, newer swimmers will really benefit from the challenge because it requires them to be fully submerged and relaxed. In the shallow end of the pool, huddle the kids in a tight circle. Pick one child to be the ‘hummer’ while the others act as the ‘guessers’. Everyone ducks underwater and the ‘hummer’ hums his tune of choice. The person with the correct guess is the next ‘hummer’ in line.

Hula Hoop Race

Benefits: Limb Awareness & Streamline Body Position

This game requires a few hula hoops, or any other kind of noodle or pool toy that can be bent into a ring. Have a more experienced swimmer, or an adult, hold the hoops under the water’s surface at various levels. One by one, let the kids swim through each hoop, trying not to touch the ring’s edges.

Splash Contest

Benefits: Breath Control on Entry & Exiting from the Side

While this silly game might not appear educational at first, you’ll be impressed by the results. Line the kids up at the side and have them jump, one by one, into the water to see who can make the biggest splash (or smallest splash, or silliest jump – or whatever comes to mind!). Even children who typically resist jumping in can’t resist showing off (and splashing any innocent bystanders on the deck).

Did we miss one of your favorite pool games? Drop a line in the comments and we’ll add it our list!


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