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3 Water Aerobics Exercises for Improved Balance and Posture

Studies show that as we age our posture changes, shifting our center of gravity and affecting our overall balance. Poor posture and balance leads to higher risk of falls and impaired mobility. Simple posture-strengthening water aerobics exercises are a great way to improve core strength and stability. Check out these easy, yet effective, exercises below. You’re never too old – or too young – to improve balance, posture and core strength.

Fit couple perform water aerobics exercises together.
For balance work, any standard noodle will work. Just make sure to choose an adult fitness model with a solid core, rather than a kid’s model which will deteriorate more quickly.

Exercise #1: Underwater Surfing

For this exercise you’ll need a sturdy pool noodle. In chest deep water, balance on the noodle, without it touching the ground, and with your knees slightly bent and feet staggered one in front of the other. Imagine riding a surf board. While balancing in this position, purposefully swing your arms along your hips from front to back. This exercise engages key, balance-improving muscles throughout the core and back.

Exercise #2: Golf Swing

Just like swinging a golf club on dry land, this water exercise rotates your hips, core, and upper body in a rhythmic back and forth motion. Stand in chest deep water – deep enough that your outstretched arms stay submerged – and plant both feet firmly on the ground. Clasp your hands together and swing back and forth like you would on the golf course. Beginners will find this exercise challenging enough, while more advanced exercisers will benefit from the extra drag of hand buoys or bells, like the heavy resistance Speedo Hydroshredders.

Exercise #3: Balanced Scale

This water aerobics exercise is excellent for working on full body posture. You’ll need the help of a buoyant device, like the multi-purpose Kiefer Wonderboard, for this workout. Rather than standing on the board, as you would in exercise #1, you’ll want to sit on the device and stretch your arms out to your sides. As you work to stay balanced on the board, maintain focus on your outstretched arms and holding your shoulders and head up straight. As you sit, turn your palms over to face the sky, or backward for a greater challenge. You can even try to slightly lift your legs up and down for a real challenge on the core and back.

Because these exercises are so easy to do, you can squeeze them in any time you go for a dip. Try them as a cool down after an invigorating water aerobics routine, or simply challenge yourself on your own time.


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