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Barracuda Hot Head Neoprene Swim Cap
Barracuda Hot Head Neoprene Swim Cap

The Barracuda HotHead Swim Cap can help keep your head comfortably warm and your focus in tact no matter what kind of chilly swims you face. Whether you're into triathalons, open water swimming, or just the rush of a chilly dip, the Barracuda HotHead Swim Cap can help your head stay warm and allow you to keep your cool while in the water. You don't have to be a die hard open water swimmer to know how uncomfortable cold water can make your head feel.

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Barracuda Swim Caps

Barracuda swim brand is known for its long line of streamline, competitive goggles. But swimmers might be pleasantly surprised to find that the brand also manufacturers thermal head wear as well. Barracuda products are often geared toward open water swimmers, and their heat-insulating swim cap is no different.

Ideal for Open Water Swimmers

Swim caps that insulate and trap body heat are especially important for open water swimmers. Cold water zaps heat from the body more than 30 times quicker than cold air. And because open water enthusiasts swim with the back of their head above water, it's important for them to have the right, insulating swim cap. Barracuda can help triathletes and cold water swimmers make protecting their head a priority.

Insulating Neoprene

Just like a thick, warming wetsuit, the Barracuda swim cap is made from Neoprene. The material is able to insulate the body while remaining flexible and comfortable against the body. Neoprene warms the head and body by trapping a thin layer of water between the material and the skin. This water is warmed by the body's heat and is able to help regulate body temperature. This effect is especially important on the head, where up to 30% of the body's heat can be lost while in the water.

Comfortable Fit

Besides working hard to regulate a warm temperature in cold waters, Barracuda's swim caps were also designed to fit comfortably. Lined with lycra, the inside of the swim cap is able to slip on and off with ease. The material won't snag or pull hair and is able to help contain longer locks. Look for Barracuda swim cap models that come with an adjustable chinstrap. This feature helps keep the cap comfortably in place and gives open water swimmers peace of mind.

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