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Barracuda Predator Swim Mask

Due to screen differences, color of actual product may vary slightly.
This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

Barracuda Predator

Barracuda's Predator Swim Mask is designed to be a hybrid of a swim mask and goggle. It has a larger field of vision than a goggle without using suction to create a seal, yielding a comfortable and crystal clear swim for open water swimmers and triathletes.

Long-Wearing Comfort

This latex-free goggle is designed with comfort in mind. The Barracuda Predator features a super soft "positive pressure" frame which creates a leak-proof seal without suction. This eliminates dreaded raccoon eyes while providing an unparalleled level of comfort. Barracuda's "positive pressure" frame conforms to individual bone structure, resulting in an almost custom fit for every face.

Large Visual Field

The Predator uses wide-angle, anti fog lenses, which provide a huge, crystal clear visual field. The field of vision for the Barracuda Predator Swim Mask is much larger than that of a traditional goggle because of its unique hybrid design. It's because of the Predator's great peripheral vision that it is so well suited for open water and triathlon swimmers.


The Barracuda Predator Swim Mask is available in a pearl frame with a laguna blue lens or a black frame with an amber lens for general light conditions, a silver frame with a clear lens for low light, night and indoor swimming, or a black frame with a smoke lens better for bright, sunny days. All lens options provide 100% UV protection.

It's worth noting that the Barracuda Predator uses larger than standard eye cups. This enables the Predator to fit more completely around the eyes, but unfortunately makes these goggles a tough fit for swimmers with smaller faces.

A multi-flex nose bridge self-adjusts to width and contour of your nose for a unique fit, while the quick release strap clips make for hassle-free adjustment of the Predator, even while swimming.

For an extra line of defense, Barracuda Defogger assures clear vision, and works great for defogging not just the Barracuda Predator Swim Mask but also glasses, scuba masks and other eyewear.

No pair of swim goggles lasts long when left to the elements. The crush-resistant Barracuda Goggle Case is perfect for protecting your goggles from scratches, dings or dried seals.

If you like the Barracuda Predator Swim Goggles, you might also consider the Barracuda Standard Fog Resistant Goggles, the original Barracuda swim goggle, or the Barracuda B300 Fog Resistant Goggles, with a frame lined in ultra-soft foam that adapts to individual facial structure.

The AquaGear Opinion

The Barracuda Predator is a larger goggle frame, but it fits fairly close to the face. The goggle offers very clear vision, and reduced glare. The gasket is comfortable and leak-proof, however, you can feel a little of bit of suction. Worth mentioning is the very wide field of vision the Predator has to offer: these are truly an open water or recreational swim goggle.

The Bottom Line

Open water, recreational and triathlon swimmers will benefit from the Barracuda Predator's comfortable frame, wide range of vision and ease of adjustment.

Michellie Jones wore the Predator when she became the new Ironman World Champion this October in Kona, Hawaii.

Product Reviews

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Sorry to see them go
Written by on July 29th

These goggles will be hard to replace. I hope Barracuda brings them back.

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