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Barracuda HydroBat Swim Goggles

Due to screen differences, color of actual product may vary slightly.
This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

Hydrobat Goggles

The Barracuda Hydrobat Goggle's innovative frame and batwing design makes it one of the best competition goggles available.

Unique Shape

The Hydrobat Goggle is all about the batwing design. One glance at this goggle, and you'll immediately notice that it looks different from other standard racing goggles. The lower area of the frame has been extended and includes fluted holes to better channel water. This, in turn, creates hydrostatic pressure that helps hold the goggle in place without the power of uncomfortable suction. Barracuda also uses the principals behind hydrostatic pressure in their Ultimate Goggle. The Ultimate model keeps water out without suctioning too hard or leaving rings around the eyes.

Stays Put

Since the goggle holds tight and flush against the skin, it's a great competition goggle. The sturdy hydrostatic grip can withstand and stay put through powerful starts, kick turns and flips. In fact, many outdoor swimmers and water sport enthusiasts love using the Hydrobat Goggles during their open water activities. The goggles are so reliable that they'll even stay put in rough or high surf and open water waves. And it's not just the unique lenses that make this a sturdy, solid choice. The Barracuda goggles also come with an easy to adjust, double strap that helps hold the frame firmly in place. It's a streamline, reliable, and leak-free choice for competitive and open water swimmers. Pair it with the Barracuda Defogger and ensure that you always have a clear, fog free view.

Available in Multiple Options

The Barracuda Hydrobat is available in clear lens with transparent frame, silver mirrored lens with silver frame, smoke lens with black frame, and teal mirrored lens with aqua frame. The polished lenses and frames, no matter what combination you decide on, provide a focused visual field. The mirrored lens options and enhanced peripheral vision the Barracuda goggle provides compares nicely to the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Plus Goggle. The Hydrobat's nose bridge can also be customized to fit each individual swimmer. Its unique double wishbone design system provides eight different adjustment points that results in a perfect fit, every swim. Each pair comes packaged in a protective hard case, which will help keep your goggles looking great and scratch free for as long as possible.

The AquaGear Opinion

Since the AquaGear test pool tries out dozens of pairs of goggles each year, there is a lot of reference to compare to the Barracuda Hydrobat Goggles. Swimmers thought that the frame shape around the eye was interesting. The shape not only sealed well around the eyesockets, but also channeled water in order to increase hydrodynamics. The goggle's vision remained clear and was further improved when the head was aligned properly.

The Bottom Line

Embrace the wingbat design and see for yourself how perfect the Hydrobat Goggle is for competition level swimming.

Product Reviews

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Hydrobat goggles
Written by on November 14th

These are the only goggles I buy. The gasket helps the goggles fit comfortably with no leakage. I always use them when I teach swim lessons for both kids and adults and when I practice and compete. Great goggles!

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