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Barracuda Hot Head Neoprene Swim Cap

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This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

Barracuda Hot Head

The Barracuda HotHead Swim Cap can help keep your head comfortably warm and your focus in tact no matter what kind of chilly swims you face. Whether you're into triathalons, open water swimming, or just the rush of a chilly dip, the Barracuda HotHead Swim Cap can help your head stay warm and allow you to keep your cool while in the water.

Traps Precious Body Heat

You don't have to be a die hard open water swimmer to know how uncomfortable cold water can make your head feel. Even long duration swims in slightly cold water can cause the body to lose heat at a rapid pace. Because the water surrounds every part of your body, cold water can zap your body's heat over 30 times faster than it cold air. Since some or all your head is above water for the majority of the swim, it loses the most amount of heat (up to 30%) per square inch of surface. Smart cold-water swimmers make protecting their head a priority.

And the Barracuda HotHead Swim Cap can do just that for your swims as well. It protects the head by insulating a thin layer of trapped water. The thermal cap uses the same principles as a full body wetsuit. Water enters the cap, gets warm by your body's heat and holds it close to the skin to regulate an adequate and comfortable temperature. While the HotHead keeps your head warm, its elongated design also shields ears from wind and water spray. You can further protect your ears by sporting a pair of silicone earplugs, such as the Barracuda Ear Plugs. They are worn under the thermal cap to keep water out of the delicate ear canal.

Ease of Use

While the HotHead's thick neoprene material does a great job of trapping in heat, its solid construction doesn't get in the way of its ease of use. The cap is lined with Lycra, which allows it to be slipped on and off easily, and avoids snagging or pulling of even the longest hair. The thermal cap comes with an adjustable chinstrap for comfort and extra security, making it the perfect accessory for any open water swim. The strap is fastened with simple Velcro closures that can be adjusted in or out of the water. Its design is smart enough to be worn alone, or used as a helmet liner for added insulation to dry-land sports. Barracuda offers the product in 4 sizes to give you the perfect fit each and every time. For the ultimate open water swimming experience, pair the thermal cap with Barracuda's own Predator Goggles. They are great for open-water swimmers and fit seamlessly with the HotHead Swim Cap.

The AquaGear Opinion

The water in the AquaGear pool didn't have to be chilled to a body-numbing temperature for testers to feel the HotHead's warming effects. Swimmers noticed that the thermal cap works just like a neoprene core warmer or wetsuit. While the water will feel chilly at first, the trapped water will slowly heat up and your head will feel warm in no time. Testers remarked that it was similar in feel and performance to the Aqua Sphere Aqua Speed Cap. The fit of the insulated cap got high marks as testers commented on its comfortable, well made fit. In fact, the cap is so comfortable that swimmers thought it would be just as good protecting your head from the cold on dry land as it did in the pool.

The Bottom Line

If you do any kind of open water swimming, or are looking for a way to stay warm in an unheated pool, the Barracuda HotHead Swim Cap is perfect for you. Pick up your own insulated swim cap today and see just how big a difference the HotHead can make.

Measurement Guide

Using a tape measure, measure around your head just slightly above the ears. If your head measurement in inches is:

Between 20 and 21 - Small

Between 21 and 22 - Medium

Between 22 and 23 - Large

Between 23 and 24 - Extra Large

Product Reviews

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neoprene swim cap
Written by on September 24th

This is an excellent product. It is lightweight but warm.

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