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Barracuda Goggle Case Barracuda
Swim Goggle Case
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Barracuda Goggle Case
Barracuda Swim Goggle Case

Barracuda's crush resistant goggle case is perfect for protecting your goggles from scratches, dings and warped foam. Three grommeted air holes allow eye wear to dry, while a high-strength zipper holds the case firmly shut. The Large case will accommodate any Barracuda goggle or mask model, while the Regular size is appropriate for most goggles, but will not hold a swim or snorkel mask.

$9.00 $19.75
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Barracuda Goggles

Ultimate Comfort; Built to Last

Not to be confused with the fearsome fish, the Barracuda brand has been supplying swimmers with some of the most comfortable, high performance goggles for decades. The brand utilizes patented, cutting-edge technology in order to produce a wide line of ultra-comfortable, anatomically-perfect goggles and masks. Barracuda goggles are ideal for competitive, long distance, and fitness swimmers who need eyewear that's reliably comfortable and fog-free. In addition to their quality design, certain Barracuda goggles are available with prescription lenses to better accommodate swimmers with optical correction needs.

Say Goodbye to 'Raccoon Eyes'

All foam-backed Barracuda models are equipped with a "Positive Pressure"™ seal. This unique system keeps water securely out while keeping the face and eyes safely protected. Instead of relying on harsh suction or overly tight straps, Barracuda goggles' frames, gaskets, and lenses are able to produce a seal that relies on gentle pressure and ergonomic correctness to keep the goggles in place. This results in one of the most comfortable, long lasting, and waterproof fits available. And, because the Barracuda goggles don't rely on suction, the technology helps swimmers avoid unsightly red rings around the eyes, also known as 'raccoon eyes'. This means that you can easily transition from the water back to work or dinner or anywhere else without looking like you've just gone for a dip.

Frames That Conform

All of Barracuda's goggles and masks are made with a flexible, form fitting frame. While some models feature one-piece frames, several Barracuda models include extra nose bridges and straps to allow the goggles to be customized to each swimmer's unique face shape and size. This creates a better, leak proof fit without needing tight straps and harsh suction. Better still, Barracuda is one of few brands to offer goggle repair kits - complete with straps, foam gaskets, and nose bridges - for many of their models.

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