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Barracuda B300 Optical Grade Swim Goggles

Due to screen differences, color of actual product may vary slightly.
This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

B300 Optical Grade

The Barracuda B300 Optical Goggles utilize a renowned positive pressure system to remain comfortable for hours on end.

Great Training/Race Day Pair

The Barracuda B300 Optical Goggle is a popular pair for high-level athletes. Indoor competitive swimmers love their streamline feel and leak proof frame, and triathletes love how comfortable the goggle remains after hours of use. Like other Barracuda goggles, the B300 Opticals feature the patented positive pressure system. This technology allows the frame to match the bone structure of the face for a better fit. A better fit requires less strap tension and powerful suction. The positive pressure system allows swimmers to wear the pair for extended swims without leaving dreaded 'raccoon eyes' behind.

Underwater Clarity

The B300 Optical Goggles are able to produce unbeatable underwater clarity because of their well-designed and highly developed lenses. The lenses are made from optically perfected CR-39 plastic âˆ' that used in prescription eyeglass lenses. This material not only does a great job of keeping things clear while in the water, but is also extremely lightweight and scratch resistant. To keep things as clear and fog-free as possible, use the Barracuda Defogger solution in conjunction with the B300 Optical Goggle to keep fog at bay. If you swim in conditions where fog is always an issue, you might want to try the Barracuda B300 Fog Resistant Goggles. They feature the same characteristics as the B300 Opticals, but have the added benefit of built-in fog resistant lenses.

Stylish and Comfortable

The B300 Optical Goggle features a foam-covered gasket that not only completely seals out water, but also remains soft against the delicate skin around the eyes. Yet even with the soft foam, the goggle's frame is able to wrap around the face for a streamlined, stylish look. The goggle's double strap helps keep the goggle in place and stays put during starts, turns, and strong finishes. If anything should ever happen to your B300 Optical's strap, Barracuda has you covered with their Replacement Strap. It fits the Barracuda B300, Medalist and Standard goggles. And while the durable goggle can withstand rough water and hours upon hours of use, the Barracuda Goggle Repair Kit can help you fix and mend most issues that may arise. The Kit is available for the Barracuda's Standard, Medalist, and, of course, B300 goggles.

The AquaGear Opinion

Testers in the AquaGear pool are always happy to try out Barracuda goggles because they love the soft feel of their positive pressure system. The B300 Optical Goggles were found to be one of the best options for reducing suction marks, or 'raccoon eyes', around the eyes. Testers thought that they would be great for recreational and lap swimmers, but would suit the rougher waters of the open ocean as well. The goggle's foam gasket is able to withstand the punishment that open water can put on swimmers. But, no matter where or how long you swim, the B300 Opticals are sure to remain extremely comfortable.

The Bottom Line

If you need a goggle that can keep up with your endurance swims, then you need the durable, yet comfortable, Barracuda B300 Optical Goggle.

Product Reviews

This item is rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 8 reviews. Already own one? Write a Review!
Written by on May 14th

Very difficult to adjust

Swim Goggles
Written by on July 9th

I have owned several pair of these over 30 years of swimming. I use them in practice, and in competition. While I have used others, none are as comfortable as these, especially in distance events. They stay clear; do not fog up, ever! They offer great peripheral vision as well. I highly recommend them.

The Most Comfortable Practical Goggles Ever
Written by on September 17th

The Barracuda B300 Optical Grade Swim Goggles have many advantages, compared to conventional goggles. The B300 lenses don't deteriorate and they always enable you to see clearly in the water. The lining around the eyepieces is very comfortable, long-lasting, and doesn't leak. The strap enables you to take the goggles off easily, and it's replaceable. You can wear these goggles for hours without leaving marks on your face. These goggles are sturdy, and they are not expensive if you realize that they will outlast several other cheaper goggles.

Written by on January 28th

The best swimming goggles ever!

Favorite goggles for years
Written by on September 24th

I have been using this Barracuda goggle for 30 years. The foam seal works great and is really comfortable. I also like the mirrored tint for outdoor swimming to cut the glare. As long as you adjust the goggle correctly (true for any goggle) it doesn't leak and doesn't leave marks around the eyes. I am glad I could find it on your website- thank you!

Love em
Written by on October 28th

I've been using Barracuda B300's for almost 15 years, and have never found anything else so comfortable - to me they're worth the price. They also seem to last a long time - I usually have to buy another pair because I lose one, not because they wear out. It's great that I can buy the strap replacements, too.

Written by on January 9th

Been wearing mirrored b300 longer than I can remember. Nothing I ever wore before or tried since is as comfortable. Now I'm so spoiled I might quit lap swimming after 45 years if I couldn't get b300s.

Written by on February 1st

Barracuda is the only swim goggle I will ever wear

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