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AquaJogger Webbed Pro Water Resistance Gloves

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Web Pro Gloves

Add varying levels of intensity to your upper body strength training with the AquaJogger Web Pro Gloves.

Flexible Webbing To Increase Resistance

The AquaJogger Web Pro Gloves were designed to fit like a second skin. The gloves' flexible webbing is able to create smooth, muscle-engaging movements in the water. Use the AquaJogger exercise gloves in your current aqua aerobics routine to increase your hand and arm's natural resistance through the water. Or, slip on a pair when swimming laps and not only will your upper body be further challenged, but the webbed gloves will help displace more water and increase your propulsion through the water. No matter how you use them, they'll help create a challenging, yet comfortable, upper body workout. For varying levels of resistance, spread your fingers out wide for a strong drag effect, or simply pull your fingers together and cup your hands to lower the amount of resistance.

Unique, Durable Material

Unlike other webbed gloves that are traditionally made from neoprene or silicone, the AquaJogger Web Pro Gloves are made from a new antimicrobial polyolefin fabric. Similar in feel to Lycra, the 4-way stretch fabric is soft to the touch and highly durable. To extend the life of your gloves, AquaGear™ recommends rinsing gloves (and any other aquatic gear) in a chlorine-eliminating solution such as Speedo's Swim Suit Cleaner. All edges of the Web Pro Gloves are sewn shut for added strength. In addition to its feel, the material is resistant to chlorine and fading, and the antimicrobial action takes the gloves one step further and also makes them resistant to bacteria. Because water buildup can breed bacteria, this is an important feature incorporated into the water-based training tool. The water exercise gloves are available in several sizes. They are black in color. AquaJogger has found that the medium sized glove easily fits about 80% of female users, while the large comfortably fits about 80% of the male users.

AquaJogger Can Deliver A Full Body Workout

The Web Pro Gloves carry the distinguished AquaJogger brand name. They are just one of many in a long line of useful resistance training devices. If you're into aqua aerobics or water jogging, you might find it useful to use the durable Web Pro Gloves in conjunction with the AquaJogger Shape Pro Belt. It, too, is made from durable, high quality materials which help keep you upright in the pool and maintain a full range of motion. And the AquaJogger AquaRunners RX are a great way to get a lower body workout. The deep-water, resistance footwear help increase cardiovascular levels, as well as strengthen and tone the lower body.

The AquaGear Opinion

AquaGear testers got their hands on a pair of AquaJogger Web Pro Gloves and got to work. They found that even with limited sizing options, the webbed gloves fit well on a wide variety of hand sizes. The material was extremely flexible and comfortable to wear, but strong enough to hold up to sprint-paced laps. The gloves' stitching and composition tested high and users thought that, when properly taken care of, these gloves could last for seasons. And, as a nice bonus, AquaGear testers with always-chilly hands found that the Web Pro Gloves kept their hands and fingers warmer than normal.

The Bottom Line

No matter if you're an aqua aerobics enthusiast or an avid lap swimmer, the AquaJogger Web Pro Gloves are the perfect pair of water gloves for any level exerciser!

For a proper fit, measure from the tip of the longest finger to the bend of the wrist. Compare this measurement with the sizing chart below.

Small up to 6 1/2″
Medium6 1/2″ to 7 1/2″
Large7 1/2″ to 8 1/2″
X-Large over 8 1/2″

Product Reviews

This item is rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 4 reviews. Already own one? Write a Review!
Written by on April 15th

Took a little getting use to.

Beginners resistance
Written by on June 30th

These add some resistance but nothing too serious. They are pretty comfortable but wearing during aerobics and raising hands over head dumps some water from them on you. You are in the pool so no worries. I felt a little more hand, arm and shoulder workout.

Aquajogger webbed pro water resistance gloves
Written by on April 22nd

I cannot say enough good about this product. My friend let me use an extra pair that she had, but they are a large size and wanted to fall off my hands in the water. I looked up your company from the info on the back of the gloves and ordered them in the size I needed. They work excellent for me. I also want you to know how very much I appreciate your service. When I called you to let you know I didn't get the first pair that I ordered. Even though I offered to pay for reordering another pair...you said no and sent me a pair at no charge!!! Your company is wonderful and I'm telling everyone I know that's involved in water exercise or swimming to check you out. Thank you again.

AquaJogger Gloves
Written by on June 4th

loving these web gloves and highly recommend to all aqua sports fans.

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