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AquaJogger Aqua Jogger Tri Fit Max Bar

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Tri Max Bar

Whether you're in rehabilitation, active recovery, or looking to cross-train in the water, the AquaJogger Tri-Fit Max Bar is the perfect companion for a versatile workout. Perform presses, swings, or simply grip and kick for a quick, uncomplicated workout.

Multiple Set-Ups; Many Benefits

Excellent for various therapeutic uses, the Tri-Fit Max Bar can be employed as a strengthening, flotation, or balance device. During swim lessons, it can be used in place of a kickboard to help children maintain horizontal positioning and gain confidence while kicking. Kids can safely navigate the pool and practice locomotion and independence. The Tri-Fit Max Bar is 34" in length with 21.5" of grip area between the end floats. Two 2.5" foam rounds are located on each end of the bar. The foam rounds can be re-arranged on the bar based on your particular requirements.

Improved Strength

If you're hoping to incorporate upper body exercise into your water routine, the AquaJogger bar float - with its four moveable foam rounds - is the perfect tool for adding incredible upper body resistance while performing simple underwater movements. The bar float's plastic and foam material allow it to be easily transported to and from the water, yet the same lightweight material provides heavy resistance in the pool.

Customize As You Use

Each foam round can be repositioned on the bar, allowing you to effectively harness the full potential of water's resistance. Adding resistance exercise grants athletes the ability to maintain peak physical levels, while also helping casual exercisers improve their fitness levels. Slide all four rounds to one end and you can easily carry the Tri Fit in your swim bag. If you prefer to have a bar for each hand, a pair of hand buoys may be a better choice.

The AquaGear Opinion

AquaGear testers loved the versatility of the AquaJogger Tri Fit Max Bar. Incorporating the bar in various aquatic workouts was easy, and it gave testers the variety needed to break through fitness plateaus. They were also pleased with the length and durability of the bar, commenting that while the bar was made of plastic material, it did not feel flimsy.

The Bottom Line

Whether you're already in shape or are looking to get fit, the AquaJogger bar will help you reach your goals faster. Adding resistance exercises to your workout will help you tone and shape your upper body as well as gain endurance and strength.

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