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AquaJogger Pro Plus Water Flotation Belt

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This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

AquaJogger Pro Plus Belt

The Pro Plus Water Flotation Belt from AquaJogger is a great product to use for your water exercise routine enabling you to burn unwanted fat and tone your muscles as you maintain the perfect depth for deep water exercise.


The Pro Plus Water Flotation Belt is able to provide you with 50% more buoyancy than the Classic AquaJogger flotation belt. Therefore, it's perfect for men and women with ultra-low body fat or large muscular frames, or for anyone with a specific physical condition that requires extra support in the water. This belt can also help the "sinkers" perform well with their deep water exercises. This is possible because the patented design of the Pro Plus provides greater distribution of buoyancy in the torso area, giving you improved balance and support in stabilization.

Using an Aquajogger water belt will guarantee a reduction of stress on your joints as you go through your paces. The Pro Belt can help you perform more exercises, more effectively, and will help you to recover from any injuries faster. This Aquajogger flotation belt is ideal for those who are seeking comfort, and extra buoyancy, in performing aquatic exercises.

Provides an Unfussy Core Workout

The AquaJogger Pro Plus is designed to give extra comfort for many body shapes and sizes. The soft and flexible resilient closed cell foam will support your lower back as you work through your strengthening exercises. As you condition your body, your abdominal muscles will also get a great workout, as they need to work hard to maintain your posture while in the water. The Pro Plus comes with an instructional video and illustrated handbook to guide you on how to use the water flotation belt and get the most out of it.

The AquaJogger Pro Plus fits easily around your waist, or anywhere else for that matter. You can wear it with the foam on your back as is most common, with the foam in front for snorkeling support or even upside down to change your center of balance.

The custom-woven elastic belt has a quick release feature which secures you quickly and gives you a hassle-free fit, allowing you to move freely with every breath as the belt adjusts as you move. The flexible, soft foam is scientifically designed to narrow at the waist for extra comfort, while it also feature dual air holes specifically to release trapped water as you exercise.

The Pro Plus Flotation belt is created by AquaJogger, one of the world's leading manufacturer of aquatic exercise products. AquaJogger is renowned for their highly durable products. The Pro Plus Flotation Belt is designed to withstand the damaging effects of chlorine for longer use.

The AquaJogger Pro Plus Water Flotation Belt is a patented design water fitness belt that fits your body perfectly and supports your lower back while you strengthen and condition.

This product is proudly made in the USA.

Specifications - All Measurements are in INCHES

AQUA JOGGER PRO PLUS BELT241152Up to 48" waist. Larger straps available
AquaJogger Classic Belt Size Diagram

The elasticized strap is 2 inches wide and can be adjusted to fit waist sizes up to 48 inches. This strap may be replaced with our Aqua Jogger flotation belt replacement straps that are available in 36, 48, 55 and 60 inch lengths.

Product Reviews

This item is rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 3 reviews. Already own one? Write a Review!
Aquajogger Pro Plus
Written by on March 25th

I'm a Sinker. This belt keeps me afloat and makes it easier to complete my workout.

aquajogger review
Written by on September 19th

LIke this aquajogger very much. 9 years ago, after hip surgery, I worked out in pool. However, then I had to use 2 'belts' to keep up. They were not as thick as this one. I weight 235 and find this belt keeps me up just fine. Some attention needed to stringing band correctly but no complaints. A bit more pricey but worth it.

Aqua jogger
Written by on April 21st

I love it! I go to my water aerobics three times a week and my new belt keeps me afloat while I do my exercises! One of my friends was so impressed with it that they now want to order one! Thank you!

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