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AquaJogger Fit Belt
AquaJogger Fit Water Flotation Belt

The AquaJogger Fit Flotation Belt is designed to work with the female anatomy. The Aquajogger Fit Floatation Belt offers a great aqua jogging experience. Keeping you afloat so that you can focus on performing arm and leg exercises and core aqua exercises, it supports your lower back while giving your abdominal muscles a much-needed workout. Aquajogging is a low impact, high intensity workout that is well suited for rehabilitating injuries or just general fitness.

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AquaJogger Extra Buoyancy Modules
AquaJogger Extra Buoyancy Modules for Flotation Belts

Designed to give you a little extra lift, the AquaJogger buoyancy modules easily attach to any AquaJogger Belt for added buoyancy and resistance. Loops anywhere around the AquaJogger®'s black elastic belt Soft, flexible premium EVA foam Adds buoyancy, support, and resistance Distributes buoyancy to targeted areas Can be used as hand paddles Sold in pairs

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AquaJogger Belt Replacement Strap
AquaJogger Flotation Belt Replacement Strap

Designed for compatibility with any AquaJogger brand flotation belt, the AquaJogger Replacement Strap comes in 4 sizes for the perfect fit. The 35" belt is woven (not stretchy) and is best suited for children and very petite adults. Elasticized straps come in 48", 55", and 60" lengths. The standard, 2" wide design fits many other belt models as well. Need a different size? Contact us for a custom-length replacement strap for your AquaJogger Belt.

100+ In Stock
AquaJogger Aqua Hitch
AquaJogger Hitch Stationary Workout Cord

Designed to provide stationary resistance for water exercise, The Hitch by AquaJogger makes any pool an endless workout environment. The AquaJogger Hitch can be used in conjunction with nearly any flotation belt that has a strap accessible from the back. Simply loop the 5-foot elastic tether around a sturdy poolside object, like a ladder or handle. Or, try a partnered workout by looping through two belts and jogging in opposite directions. Proudly made in the USA.

100+ In Stock
AquaJogger Traveler Belt
AquaJogger Traveler Water Flotation Belt

If you're looking for a dependable aquatic fitness belt that you can take anywhere, look no further than the compactly designed AquaJogger Traveler Water Flotation Belt, providing you with the ultimate solution for fitness on the go! With countless water fitness belts available in the market today, it can be hard to choose one that properly supports a complete and efficient workout routine and is easy to pack. But this no longer needs to be a worry.

100+ In Stock
AquaJogger Pro Plus
AquaJogger Pro Plus Water Flotation Belt

The Pro Plus Water Flotation Belt from AquaJogger is a great product to use for your water exercise routine enabling you to burn unwanted fat and tone your muscles as you maintain the perfect depth for deep water exercise. The Pro Plus Water Flotation Belt is able to provide you with 50% more buoyancy than the Classic AquaJogger flotation belt.

7 In Stock
AquaJogger Active Belt
AquaJogger Active Water Flotation Belt

The all-new AquaJogger Active Water Flotation Belt is now available, ready to make your aquatic cardio exercises impact-free. This revolutionary product is designed for people of all abilities, providing extra flotation and support for hassle-free aquatic aerobic exercises. The patented, multi-color AquaJogger Active Water Flotation Belt comes with an easily adjustable belt strap designed to accommodate various waistline sizes.

2 In Stock
AquaJogger Jr
AquaJogger Junior Belt

THE AQUAJOGGER JR. IS NOT A LIFE-SAVING DEVICE AND AT NO TIME SHOULD A CHILD BE LEFT ALONE IN THE POOL. Introducing the all-new AquaJogger Jr Kids Water belt − a great new learn-to-swim device to help kids acclimate to the swimming pool. Many kids, when first entered into swim lessons, are fearful of the water and it takes a good deal of time to lose their fear of water. The AquaJogger Junior water belt for kids is the perfect device for you if you child is in the same boat.

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AquaJogger Classic Belt
AquaJogger Classic Water Flotation Belt

The AquaJogger Classic Flotation Belt was the very first water exercise flotation belt, and the most popular and universal product in the AquaJogger product line. The belt suspends the body in deep water, allowing for total body conditioning with no swim skill required. Remember, this is not a life preserver, and should never be used as a safety vest or life preserver. Total body conditioning is the name of the game for the AquaJogger Classic.

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AquaJogger Shape Pro Belt
AquaJogger Shape Pro Water Flotation Belt

The Shape Pro Water Flotation Belt provides the latest innovative design for aquatic exercise, making your workout more comfortable than ever before and leading to more noticeable results in a shorter time frame. The Shape Pro Water Flotation Belt is created by AquaJogger, a manufacturer of numerous quality aquatic exercise products. Constructed out of specially designed closed-cell foam, this flotation device offers increased durability and does not absorb water.

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AquaJogger Pro Belt
AquaJogger Pro Water Flotation Belt

Designed with about 30% more buoyancy than the AquaJogger Classic, the AquaJogger Pro Belt is ideal for lean athletes, cross-training runners, and those with little body fat. AquaJogger's patented design hugs the body and narrows at the waist for an always-comfortable fit. The elasticized strap flexes with each breath, relieving slipped belts. We recommend rinsing the belt with fresh water after each use to combat chlorine breakdown of the foam and elastic strap.

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AquaJogger Women's Fitness System
AquaJogger Aquatic Fitness System For Women

The AquaJogger Women's Fitness System is a one-of-kind totally body workout package designed to help women reach each and every of their aqua fitness goals! The Women's Fitness System includes 5 AquaJogger brand products. You'll save a ton by bundling all of this equipment into one amazing deal. It has everything you need to get excited for water workouts.

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AquaJogger Men's Fitness System
AquaJogger Aquatic Fitness System For Men

The AquaJogger Men's Fitness System is an all-in-one aquatic fitness kit that's specifically designed to target and strengthen the entire body. The Pro Buoyancy Belt not only helps support and stabilize the core and upper body, but it also provides more buoyancy than other AquaJogger belt models. This easily keeps leaner bodies afloat and allows users to fully focus on strength training. The belt fits up to a 44" waist.

  Sold Out
AquaJogger Women's Shape Fitness System
AquaJogger Shape Aquatic Fitness System For Women

The AquaJogger Women's Shape Fitness System provides a unique selection of AquaJogger products - perfect for those who want it all, for less. Each Shape System for Women comes with an AquaJogger Shape Belt, designed for an easier upright position and a more comfortable cut for women's bodies. Because of the lower arch and longer sides of the Shape Belt, it tends not to ride up like other models. You'll also receive a pair of Delta Bells for upper body toning or rehabilitation.

  Sold Out
AquaJogger Men's Shape Fitness System
AquaJogger Shape Aquatic Fitness System For Men

The AquaJogger Men's Shape Fitness System combines a little of everything for one sweet exercise set. Recommended for both water exercise and rehabilitation, this fitness belt package is everything you need to shape up or turn things around. The Shape Pro Belt by AquaJogger boasts 30% more buoyancy than the regular Shape Belt. Plus, it's lower back curve and longer sides mean this belt is great for larger folks, as well as those who want an easier vertical position.

  Sold Out
AquaJogger Shape Belt
AquaJogger Shape Water Flotation Belt

The Shape Belt by AquaJogger is perfectly contoured for less defined waist lines and those who suffer from belts that "ride up". AquaJogger recommends this belt for people with wider waistlines and pregnant women, due to the elongated design. The longer, slimmer design of the Shape makes for an easier vertical water exercise position, with less core engagement required.

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