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AquaJogger Delta Bells Water Resistance Hand Buoys

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This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

Delta Bells

The AquaJogger Delta Bells are a uniquely-designed set of mid-level hand buoys that feature a unique design to help you get the most out of each and every workout.

Unique Shape

Instead of going with the standard rounded foam design, AquaJogger decided to think outside the box and came up with the Delta Bells. These unique aquatic barbells feature triangular shaped foam. Their design allows them to work great for both beginner and advanced water aerobics exercisers. The barbells' extra large, super soft padded grip keeps hands comfortable and is easy enough for those suffering from weak hands and arthritis to use. The AquaJogger hand buoys can help anyone strengthen their upper body and tone abdominal muscles. Pair the Delta Bells with AquaJogger's AquaRunners RX, which provide buoyant resistance to the lower body, and give your entire body a heart pumping, muscle-building workout.

Semi-Adjustable Resistance

Besides being shaped for easy use in the water, the triangular shape of the Delta Bells allows for variation in resistance with the simple turn of the bell. Enter the water with one of the three flat sides of the bells' foam and the resistance level will increase. Dip them in point first, and the resistance level is greatly reduced. There are no foam inserts or weights to take on or off, all you have to do with Delta Bells is simply turn them to the utilize the surface that best suits your skill level. For truly adjustable water barbells, try the Hydro-Fit Hand Buoys. They are available in 3 varying levels of resistance and are rounded, instead of triangular, in order to provide omni-directional resistance.

Additional Specs

The AquaJogger Delta Bells are made from closed-cell, chlorine resistant EVA foam. This material is durable and resistant to water logging. The set of hand buoys comes complete with a workout guide for additional reference. You don't have to be a master swimmer or aerobic exerciser to use these training devices. They are great for novice trainers and require no swim skill to use. If you happen to be looking for a hand buoy that can really push your advanced workout to the next level, you might want to try another of AquaJogger's products: The Delta Bells Pro. They feature the same triangular design, yet their larger foam ends provide about 25% more resistance than the standard model. No matter which level you choose, throw all your AquaJogger workout gear into the AquaJogger Mesh Equipment Bag. This perfectly sized bag can safely store and dry all your wet gear while on the go.

Specifications - All Measurements are in INCHES


AquaGear Opinion

When AquaGear testers first picked up the AquaJogger Delta Bells they were pleasantly surprised by their soft, padded grip. It helped make the entire testing process easy on the hands and wrist joints. The testers found (and loved!) that they could easily adjust the bell's resistance level with just a turn of the wrist. It's the AquaJogger's unique triangular design that allows them to work in such a way. Plus, unlike other, rounded hand buoys, these won't roll away from you if placed on the pool deck. AquaGear testers recommended that users might want to use a jog belt to help stabilize themselves when exercising with the Delta Bells in deeper water.

The Bottom Line

The AquaJogger Delta Bells are a great, versatile pair of hand buoys. Their unique design helps them adjust to any skill level and can work with just about any water-based exercise.

Product Reviews

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Hand buoys
Written by on March 18th

I have always used round buoys, these are taking a little getting use to, will be ordering round ones with more buoyancy.

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