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AquaJogger Delta Bells Pro Water Resistance Hand Buoys

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Delta Bells Pro

Take your water workout to the another level with the help of the high-intensity AquaJogger Delta Bells Pro.

High Intensity Workout

The AquaJogger Delta Bells Pro offer some of the highest levels of upper body resistance around. Their large, triangular, buoyant ends were designed for upper body strength training, as well as flotation support. These hand buoys are ideal for water aerobics exercisers who are already comfortable with their current routine. But while the hand buoys produce a great deal of resistance, they are designed to be an effective, low impact workout device. Use a flotation belt to help stabilize your core and upper body while working out with the hand buoys. Stick with the trusted AquaJogger name and try their Classic Flotation Belt. When combined with the Delta Bells Pro, they help give users a complete water aerobic workout.

Variable Resistance

Unlike other, rounded-foam hand buoys, the AquaJogger Delta Bells Pro are triangular in shape. Their unique design allows them to offer varying resistance levels by simply turning the bell. Use one of the three long, flat sides of the foam triangle to drastically harness the highest levels of resistance. Or, turn the bells a bit so that one of the three points slices through the water to produce a slightly lower amount of resistance. While other models require you to put on and take off bulky pieces of additional foam, the AquaJogger Delta Bells Pro allow you to change the level of resistance with an easy change of hand positioning. If you're looking for a pair of hand buoys with a little less resistance, then try the original design - AquaJogger Delta Bells. They provide 25% less resistance, but still produce a heart pumping, muscle-building workout.

Quality Made

The AquaJogger Delta Bells Pro come with a soft, padded grip. The large handhold is easy to use, even for those with arthritis or grip problems, and remains comfortable throughout the entire workout. The hand buoys are sold in pairs and are available in blue only. They're made from premium EVA foam, which is resistant to chlorine damage and water logging. A workout guide is included in the package and can help you get the most out of your Delta Bells Pro.

Specifications - All Measurements are in INCHES


The AquaGear Opinion

The AquaGear testers were ready for a big upper body challenge when they tried out the AquaJogger Delta Bells Pro. The users really loved that they could easily change the level of resistance with a simple turn of the wrist. The hand buoys' unique triangular design helped add dimension to the standard water workout. The large, padded grips also got high marks, and testers thought they were big enough and comfortable enough for seniors and those with grip problems to use. Best of all, AquaGear loved that the Delta Bells Pros were made right here in the USA!

The Bottom Line

For a high-level resistance workout that can take your water-based strength training routine to the next level, pick up a pair of AquaJogger Delta Bells Pro today!

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