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AquaJogger Aquafit Water Exercise Hand Buoys

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AquaFit Barbells

Effective Mid-Level Resistance

The AquaJogger AquaFit Bells provide users with an effective and adequate amount of buoyancy and resistance. The bells are great in shallow water, where they actively work against the water to help tone and shape upper body muscle. Depending on how and where you use the hand buoys, they adapt to your skill and strength level with ease.

But if you're looking for a way to crank your water workout into high gear, try using the similarly designed AquaJogger AquaFit Pro Barbells. They feature the same basic idea behind the original AquaFits, but pack a heavier resistance punch. Or, if you need a little more variety in your upper body routine, try the AquaJogger Delta Bells. Their unique triangular design allows users to easily adjust the level of resistance with a simple turn of the bell.

Full Upper Body Support

Besides actively working against the water to produce muscle building results, the ultra buoyant AquaFit Bells can also be used to help support your upper body in both shallow and deepwater exercises. Their high quality foam design can help keep you afloat in the water, with or without the assistance of a water flotation belt. The bells' soft, padded grips help keep your hands comfortable no matter how strenuous your exercises become. If you're looking for a set of hand buoys that's a little less buoyant, try mixing and matching the Hydro-Fit Hand Buoys. These Ethafoam bells are available in mini, regular and jumbo to further customize your workout.

Additional Specs

The AquaFit Barbells are sold in pairs and come with a workout guide to help you get started. They are constructed from high quality, closed-cell foam. The bells' design makes them resistant to chlorine damage and basic wear and tear. To ensure that they stay buoyant and looking great for seasons to come, be sure to properly dry them after each and every use. Throw the pair in a well-vented bag, like the specifically designed AquaJogger Mesh Bag, which features a large mesh pattern for ventilation, and the AquaFit Bells can be safely and securely taken along with you to every workout. Or, if you happen to be a water aerobics instructor with a lot of equipment to carry around, try the Hydro-Fit Instructor Bag, which can fit up to a whopping 12 pairs of standard size hand buoys!

Specifications - All Measurements are in INCHES


The AquaGear Opinion

The AquaGear testers made sure to warm up efficiently in order to try out these ultra buoyant hand buoys. And the AquaFit Bells did not disappoint! Testers were impressed by the amount of buoyancy they could provide and how good of an upper body workout they produced. Because they provided so much floatation in deep water, testers thought it would be easier to use the AquaJogger devices in conjunction with a jog belt. (Incidentally, AquaJogger produces a long line of sufficient water belts to use with the AquaFit devices) The bells' construction and highly durable foam also got high remarks from swimmers. In order to keep the hand buoys lasting as long as possible, testers recommended that users rinse the devices off with fresh water after use in order to reduce long term chemical wear.

The Bottom Line

Why mess with a tried-and-true design? The AquaJogger AquaFit Barbells are a great way to help tone, strengthen and support your upper body while in the water.

Product Reviews

This item is rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 2 reviews. Already own one? Write a Review!
Great resistance
Written by on October 24th

I have fooled a lot of people with these, the don't look like much, and our of the water don't weigh hardly anything, but use them in the water and the are fantastic

comfortable grips
Written by on July 28th

The Aquajogger Aquatic Water Exercise Hand Buoys (try saying that one three times fast!) Have comfortable grips and are smaller and less buoyant to help a new water aerobics student.

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