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Aqua Sphere VR Dumbbells

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This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

VR Dumbbells

The Aqua Sphere VR Dumbbells work against the natural buoyancy of the interchangeable VR discs to provide one of the best in-water upper body workouts possible.

VR = Variable Resistance

The Aqua Sphere’s VR Dumbbell system is all about variable resistance. The set comes with 2 handles and 4 discs. (1pair with 1 disc on each end of each dumbbell). Instead of adding weight to the grips, as traditional dry-land dumbbells do, the VR’s add buoyancy. Since resistance is key to any water workout, users must work against the dumbbells’ buoyancy. The hand buoys constantly push to the surface will cause muscles throughout your entire upper body and core to engage. The training devices can adjust to give even the most expert fitness instructor a challenging workout. If the standard disc set isn’t enough to further challenge your water aerobics routine, then throw in a set of Aqua Sphere VR Power Discs. These extra-buoyant additions can be used with any VR Dumbbell set and even fit on a standard foam noodle for the ultimate resistance training.

Additional Specs

The VR Dumbbell discs are made from non-water logging EVA foam. The material is chlorine resistant and dries quickly when out of the water. The discs have soft, rounded edges that won’t chaff or scratch, no matter how vigorous your workout becomes. The Aqua Sphere hand buoys are exceptionally easy to assemble and even easier to interchange discs for varying resistance workouts. The non-slip grip helps keep the dumbbells firmly in your hands and the handle is ergonomically designed to work with the VR discs or simply by itself. Store the dumbbells in mesh gear bag, such as the Speedo Mesh Equipment Bag, to increase airflow and reduce drying time for all your water workout gear.

Mix and Match for the Ultimate Upper Body Workout

If you’re looking to really give your upper body a wide variety of challenging exercises â€" even beyond what the VR Dumbbells can provide â€" there are a few products on the market to help you reach your goals. The Water Gear Aquaflex Paddles are adjustable resistance water fans that add variable upper body resistance to any aquatic workout. And the Aqua Sphere Ergo Bells can help tone chest, shoulders and arm muscles, as well as help efficiently burn calories. For the ultimate upper body conditioning program, pick up all three products!

Specifications - All Measurements are in INCHES


The AquaGear Opinion

The AquaGear testers got into a water aerobics mindset and put the Aqua Sphere VR Dumbbells to work. Swimmers found that adding a set of discs to each end (in addition to standard single disc) provided a decent amount of resistance. The discs were exceptionally easy to slide on and off, yet they stayed put while in the water and didn’t budge an inch with even the most powerful of movements. Testers also noted how compact their design was and how easily the hand buoys could be broken down for storage. While the handle isn’t the most comfortable fit, these dumbbells perform well in the water.

The Bottom Line

Challenge your core and upper body like never before with the multi-use Aqua Sphere VR Dumbbells. See just how far they can whip your standard aqua aerobics routine into shape!

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