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Aqua Sphere P2K Pull Buoy Kickboard Combo

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This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

Aqua Sphere P2K (Push-Pull-Kick)

Two Devices for the Price of One

The Aqua Sphere P2K Pull-Kick is unique because it combines the streamline design of a kickboard with the buoyant properties of a pull buoy to create a multi-purpose device. Used out in front of the body, the Pull-Kick acts as a compact, buoyant kickboard. When placed between the legs, the Aqua Sphere device contours to the legs and comfortably acts as a pull buoy. In fact, the device is so versatile that it can even be used as a resistance device during other types of water-based workouts. The P2K's integrated design means that you can save precious space in your gear bag and won't have to worry about constantly switching out gear while in the pool. Alternatively, the Speedo Pull Kick can also be used as both a kickboard and pull buoy to help reduce the amount of gear needed.

Strengthens Upper and Lower Body

Because the P2K Pull-Kick can act as both a kickboard and pull buoy, you'll be able to strength train both your upper and lower body while in the water. Use the Aqua Sphere device as a kickboard and you'll quickly notice that the P2K is easy to hold and provides a good deal of support, which will allow you to focus on your kick. And when used as a pull buoy, the P2K comfortably sits between to legs to disengage the kick and allow the upper body to do all the work. When specifically training either your upper or lower body, Aqua Sphere also has your workout covered with their wide variety of additional training products. The Aqua Sphere Ergo Flex Swim Paddles were designed to fit in the hand ergonomically while giving swimmers a high level of upper body resistance. And the Aqua Sphere Alpha Fins and their contoured shape can help train lower leg muscles no matter the stroke of choice.

Ideal for Travel

Since the Aqua Sphere P2K Pull-Kick is so compact, it is an ideal training device for swimmers on-the-go. It fits easily in most gear bags and can help save room for other equipment. The P2K Pull-Kick is made from chlorine resistant EVA foam. The closed cell foam is resistant to chipping and won't absorb water. Its durable design means that it can safely be thrown in any pool bag and come out looking and feeling as great as ever.

All measurements in inches.

The AquaGear Opinion

The AquaGear team was ready to test out this unique two-in-one product as summer finally set in. Testers thought that the Aqua Sphere P2K Pull-Kick would be perfect for swimmers looking to save a little money and a little space. The pull kick tested well when using it as both a kickboard and pull buoy. Swimmers also thought that it provided enough push resistance for it to work well with other types of water exercises as well. The device's compact size also got high marks and testers thought that it would be well suited for swimmers that need to bring their training equipment any and everywhere.

The Bottom Line

What swimmer isn't looking to save a little space and spare a little change?! Pick up the compact Aqua Sphere P2K Pull-Kick today and see how it can help you train to be your best.

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