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Aqua Sphere Kaiman Lady Swim Goggles

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This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

Kaiman Lady

Aqua Sphere's Kaiman Lady goggle offers the same comfort and durability as the original Kaiman swim goggle, but is designed to accommodate the smaller facial features of a woman. This goggle is perfect for female swimmers of all kinds â€" particularly those looking for a competition or fitness goggle. The Kaiman Lady goggle guarantees a comfortable swimming experience no matter the circumstances.

Maximum Visual Field

The frame design of the Kaiman Lady Goggle maximizes the swimmer's field of vision up to 180 degrees â€" an uncommon feature in a goggle. Also, each lens provides 100% UVA/UVB protection and is pre-treated to reduce the occurrence of scratching and fogging.

Like all of Aqua Sphere's goggles, Aqua Sphere's Kaiman Lady goggle is made with specialty materials formulated specifically for optimum goggle performance. The frame and gasket is comprised of a patented material known as Softeril™. Softeril™ is a form of silicone, specific to Aqua Sphere. It is both softer and longer-lasting than traditional silicone.

As well, the lenses of the goggle are made of unique Plexisol™. Plexisol™ functions on a level superior to glass lenses. Plexisol™ is 10 times stronger than glass and 100 times lighter, solidifying this goggle as a high-quality, long-lasting product. Additionally, Plexisol™ lenses increase visibility for the swimmer, offering an experience free from distortion.

Quick, Easy Adjustment

This swimming goggle also features an extremely simple strap adjustment mechanism. With the push of a single button, the goggle's comfortable silicone strap can be adjusted - further enhancing this goggle as a high-caliber product, boasting both function and form.

Kaiman Lady swim goggles are available in two lens colors and a wide variety of frame colors. For more frame and lens options, check out the Kaiman Small Fit goggle which is the same size and shape as the Kaiman Lady. Each goggle comes equipped with a clear protective case.

Clear lenses are best for low-light conditions such as indoor pools and training facilities. Smoke lenses are best for bright light conditions such as outdoor pools or ocean swimming.

The AquaGear® Opinion

For the female fitness swimmer, competition swimmer, or triathlete, the Aqua Sphere Lady Kaiman is a time tested choice. With a good field of vision, and greater comfort than a Swedish Goggle, the Lady Kaiman provides value.

The Bottom Line

If you want a durable, comfortable Aqua Sphere goggle suitable for fitness and competition, check out the Lady Kaiman goggles today!

Product Reviews

This item is rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 5 reviews. Already own one? Write a Review!
comfortable goggles
Written by on March 5th

Pros: My previous pair of goggles were uncomfortable and left marks around my eyes that lasted for hours. This pair fits my small face much more comfortably and does not leave marks. They are super easy to adjust, whether looser or tighter, without taking them off. Cons: they do get damp inside while I swim, making vision slightly blurry around the edges. They are not adjustable at the bridge.

Great Goggles
Written by on November 17th

I just got these. So far; so good. It is just a bit too early for me to give 5stars as they've not really been put to the test to the fullest yet. Fit seems fine. I'm not really fussy about the somewhat glitzy detailing around the eye, but, I'm not in the pool for a beauty contest so I can live with that.

Aqua sphere are for Ladies
Written by on March 3rd

After adjustment of the strap, the goggles fit perfectly. They do not leak and they leave much less of a goggle line on my face. They are grewt for a small face.

What a pleasure
Written by on March 17th

Dinally a goggle for a small face. Although peripheral vision a little limited, there was a great fit with no leaking. I immediately bought more! I recommend these for small faced women.

great product
Written by on September 22nd

This is my second pair of this model of tinted goggles. I am a woman with a small head.

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